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Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the new age of puberty for girls is 10

(NaturalNews) Girls as young as 7 years old are now beginning to develop breasts and undergo other body changes that their mothers had not experienced until years later. The prime culprit for this new phenomena is bisphenol A, better known as simply BPA.

However, BPA is far from the only culprit which is believed to be causing the early onset of puberty. Other likely culprits include a class of chemicals known as phthalates, which are also widely used in plastics and other item, and the growth hormones which are widely found in meat and dairy products at our grocers.

Early onset of puberty in girls can cause a number of problems later in life due to hormonal imbalance, including increased risk of breast cancer. Studies have shown that risk of breast cancer is reduced by7 percentfor every year the onset of puberty is delayed. Notably, only a century ago the average age for the onset of puberty in girls was 16.

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