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Raising $99 for Washington State GOP Convention registration fee

I'm a RP delegate in Washington trying to raise $99 for the registration fee to the state convention. I hope this Chip-In doesn't offend anybody. It's just that the registration fee is kind of prohibitive. Looking forward to delivering Washington as part of the Revolution...

Link is below:


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I just sent you $20

You should update this thread to let us know how much you raise. Usually I see chip-in fundraisers that show how much of your goal has been raised so far and I don't feel right chipping in when I don't have that information...

If my $20 helps get a Ron Paul Delegate to a state convention, that's all that matters. If for some reason you exceed your $99 goal, please donate the balance to the campaign!

You need to add a link ...

or a chipin widget to this page.

Good luck.

Hey, thank you.

Hey, thank you. The Chipin link follows my text.

Your link is for donating.

We're recommending that you edit your post and put a chipin widget in it. It will keep people informed about your progress and, in the interest of fairness, will let DP members know when your goal was reached.

Your current link is simply to a donation page.

If unable to put in a chipin widget, add a link to your post for your chipin page, which I assume is something like "mikekirkland.chipin.com" .

I was in the process of donating and just before I finalized, I realized that you I could not find your chipin page or any way of determining whether you had already met your goal.

Exactly What I was trying to say.

I went ahead and donated anyway, so if the goal has already been reached I just hope that my money in some way benefits Dr. Paul's cause.

Sorry, this was the first time I've used chipin...

I believe this is the public link to my chipin page.


I was planning on inserting a widget, but it calls for the ability to insert a block of html beginning with the 'object> tag. 'object> isn't an allowed option when posting on DP as far as I could make out. Thanks Happy2Fly for chipping in and for others' consideration.