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St. Charles, MO County Caucus - Take 2

As many of you know the caucus in St. Charles County, MO was a failed attempt at rigging the process. Due to the massive media attention there will be a new caucus tomorrow night, April 10th at 7pm.

At some point I will write up a detailed report of what the Ron Paul supporters did after the failed caucus, but not tonight.

We will have multiple people tweeting the caucus at #mocaucus, so please follow what is going on. We may have streaming video. If we do, I will let everyone know where to go to watch. At the very least there will be video put up right away after the caucus.

No matter what I will give a detailed account when it is over.

If anyone here on DP knows anyone in St. Charles county, contact them and make sure they attend.

I really would love to tell you all more, but even with the caucus less than 24 hours away I cannot risk it.

Oh, and on a side note, some of the Ron Paul supporters made t-shirts with a comic book look and feel showing my arrest. I will see about getting some photos of them to put here on DP. They are selling them to offset some of our expenses.

Wish us luck and butts in seats. I will keep everyone posted and I will update as often as I can tomorrow.

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Good luck and God speed.

Make RP proud!

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Anyone posting live updates?

How about a live stream?

How about a live stream? (Works on Android too.)


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New Rules?

No cameras at caucus.
No cell phones at caucus.
No i-pads at caucus.
No tweeting from caucus.
No thinking at caucus.
No voting against elites at caucus.
No freedom at caucus.
No spines at or near caucus.
Must dim intelligence within fifty feet of approaching caucus.

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I can hardly wait to hear how well you will do tomorrow.

Good luck & Have fun.


You guys hosted an awesome Ron Paul stadium event. PACKED!

I was there even before your convention. You all are on your game.

You are wonderful!


Get 'em Brent! GET 'EM!!!

I wouldn't wear the shirts.

I wouldn't wear the shirts. At primaries, it was practically illegal to have any supporter items inside the voting room. They might arrest you guys and lower your numbers. Plus you don't want to identify those running to move up as Ron Paul supporters. Just so then you guys can pick up some scattered votes.

Do your best St. Charles Bump!


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Stick and Move

Brent, Stick and Move

Can't wait to hear the

Can't wait to hear the results.



Good luck!

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