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Actual Video Proof of Voter Fraud in Washington D.C.!

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Hi i am Barrack Obama lol

i wonder if than i would get much attention lol

Yet Another "Proof of Voter Fraud" Post With....

....No actual proof of voter fraud, or at least the kind of fraud that Ron Paul supporters would be interested in, eg, where votes cast for Ron Paul are not properly counted.

If the person claiming they were Eric Holder went far enough along with the charade to constitute what might have been a felony under local or federal law, then that would have been the law being broken and the only fraud in this video.

As a former member of local election boards (what we call polling place workers in Pennsylvania), I can tell you that the scene recorded in the video is exactly how it works in Pennsylvania (up until two weeks ago).

1. A prospective voter arrives at their designated polling place, goes to the check-in table and informs the board member of their name. (BTW, the idea of having smaller local precincts is that there's a good chance that the members of the election board will recognize the voters as they arrive.)

2. That voter's name is found in the poll book. [Up until about two weeks ago, there was no mandatory ID law in Pennsylvania; federal HAVA Act rules applied for showing ID or other documentation.]

3. When the person's entry is located in the poll book, the person voting is told to sign their name in the poll book. That fresh signature is then compared to the one in the poll book, and if the election board member is satisfied as to that person being whom they say they are, the person can go ahead and vote.

I do not know the specific rules that the Wash DC polling place worker is supposed to follow, whether or not the next step, not shown in the video, would have been the worker checking the person's signature against the one on record in the polling book, if indeed that's how DC does it, too. I can tell you that violations of Election Law by Pennsylvania election board members are felonies under Penna law.

4. If there is a question about identity (or other matters, such as residence), the person is by law to be offered a provisional ballot that is a paper ballot. Once executed by the voter it is sealed in its own envelope, and sent to the county election board with the rest of the voter materials and they will research the voter and decide whether to count this voter's ballot.

The problem is

Whos going to do anything about it?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

We are!

The very video itself is part of doing something.