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An email regarding Ron Paul from Americans Elect

“Ron Paul Rumor”
A rumor surfaced earlier this week suggesting that Americans Elect delegates might be “disqualifying” themselves from being legal delegates to support a GOP candidate.

This rumor, based on GOP Rule 11(b) and 15(c)(3), does not strictly apply to Americans Elect delegates as our Rules are not “state law” as referred to in the GOP Rules. But more importantly, AE participation is private and will not be released.

Bottom line: even if the GOP Rules Committee decided that the spirit of their rules required disqualification of those participating in the AE process, there is no way the GOP could enforce the rule because they would have no way to identify AE participants.


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Voting has dried up.

As you can see from this chart (link below), voting has dried up for Ron Paul on Americans Elect.

I would say that the campaign against American Elect is working.

That's too bad, until this negative campaign, he was on his way to being the ONLY candidate qualified on AE.

Personally, I hope we can get the enthusiam back, and have him as the leading (and perhaps ONLY) candidate.- Then Ron Paul can decide whether to accept or not.


Terence W.

It's NOT worth it

Like many Ron paul Republicans, we've had enough with hte GOP breaking their own rules. They are desperate, and I would not put it above those Republicans who HATE Ron Paul and Ron Paul Republicans to work happily with AE to disqualify Ron Paul Republicans from the delegate process.

We are not desperate, they are. We want to play by the rules. They don't.

Yes And No?

If you are a delegate, the least controversial approach is not to particate. If you are NOT a delegate, you WILL HELP Ron Paul by participating.

This link makes the argument.


Terence W.

The people behind

AE are no bueno. Their rules are bogus. I don't trust it, and won't be participating.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

And the people behind the GOP are better?

Every one of these organizations has issues. I'm in favor of breaking the 2 party rule no matter how it happens. Ron is in a unique position to help make that happen.

Lets turn Frankenstein's monster (AE) on them and use to beat them.

So says the Rothschild bank behind AE....

There is a whole swarm of Obama communist friends in the GOP right now, doing their very hardest to destroy Dr. Paul.

No one needs to support their efforts by signing up or even entertaining the idea of becoming an AE delegate....

Yes, yet we have to take into condideration

that although the GOP is comprised of some good people that the GOP has been influenced by some dark-minded people as well.

These dark-minded ones have already done some dark deeds against President Paul and those who support him. We must remain astute whenever striking agreements with GOP.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate