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Tax Refunds for the Tax Day Money Bomb

Hey Paul-ites, -ians, -tards, or whichever term of endearment you prefer,

Most of us on the Daily Paul have already given as much as we feel we can afford to and more. Some are already maxed out. I just got a sizeable refund on my federal income taxes, and my first thought was, "Sweet, I can give more to the good Dr."

How about we really stick it the man, and give the money that was unconstitutionally held from us, and now returned, to the one man who would love to end that abomination called the IRS.

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I had the same thought

. . . Until I owed the federal government and state $803 (over one months rent for me btw). That isn't an easy check for anyone to write, let alone a student like myself. I hate to sit this one out, but I am still recovering from the government's generosity.

Abolish the IRS!!!