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RON PAUL Coming to RI, URI Campus 4/18/12 6:00 pm


Keaney Gymnasium is a multi-purpose arena in Kingston, Rhode Island, USA. Seats 3,385 (plus room for 500 standing-room only spectators).

Hmmm, hope that's enough room for the only candidate that can draw massive crowds like Dr Paul can.

I couldn't believe it when, of all places, saw his coming mentioned on the local news. It was a very short blurb right after the "Romney coming to RI" news sponsored ad. He'll be there a week before Dr Paul.

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This May Be A Once In A Lifetime Event For Rhode Islanders !

Just imagine if the real Thomas Jefferson was still alive and made a stop over in Rhode Island just to share his views on politics.

Well, Ron Paul "IS" the modern day Thomas Jefferson and I sure wouldn't want to miss his talk if I lived in or near Rhode Island.

P.S. My family drove about 5 hours to Chico, California last week to see and hear Dr. Paul, and it was well worth the trip, the excitement was at a fever pitch !

Ron Paul the 76 year old ROCK-EM STAR !


Mods - Admins - Please post this!

Please re-confirm this and post on the Event Calendar at RonPaul2012.com

Many people do not visit the DailyPaul - this event must be published now!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

oh its confirmed done and all that!

With Mitt coming to town today - last night Ron Paul signs appeared all over the highways into and out of the Crown Plaza Hotel where Mitt will be having his pre-screened audience and pre-approved questions delivered to no more than 900 (room's max capacity) at the Hotel.

My FOX WATCHING UNCLE called to get he and I into the "Mitten's Dog and Pony Show" and guess what?! WE DIDN'T GET APPROVED FOR ADMITTANCE! The Fox Watching Uncle is PISSED. He has donated A LOT OF MONEY to Willard's campaign and now says that he will come to the Ron Paul rally that I had invited him to at URI!


Good For Your Uncle.

It's never too late to switch loyalties from a phoney wanna bee {Romney} to the genuine modern day Patriot. {Ron Paul}

P.S. My wife just cancelled our long distance telephone service, in a fit of rage over the high bill, so I can't call all my old Rhode Island contacts to tell them about Ron Paul's visit.

Bummmmer !


Get a TRAC FONE call anywere pay as you go

I am never going back. TracFone is all you need. They sell them at the grocery store and Walmart. The best thing ever!

Ron Paul

IS coming to RI!!! ITs been verified and is advertised on the URI webpage!

Here is our local news


and here is URI's page:


super excited but..

Coming to Western, MA Springfield area.. 2hrs 8 mins, 116 miles. Trying to see if my sister would want to go. My 3.5 year old is crazy about Ron Paul, so he will definitely have to join as well.. it's like your favorite musician coming to town and giving a free show! I can't imagine the energy in the crowd, I'm so excited!!

Coming from CT

If this news is true, I'll drive over from CT. But I can't seem to find any info on this. Can you validate it?

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Mundane question for you.

I live and work in MA and the route to RI is on my way home. So I think it will be convenient to make the trip to Kingston RI after work. But I am not familiar with the campus and wonder if you can suggest how I can find the Keaney Gym and where it might make sense to park my car so I am not caught in a huge traffic jam after the speech.

I imagine many Ron Paul supporters will travel down to see him from MA and CT if not NH.

It is distressing to realize that the Establishment finds Ron Paul to be so alien to them. After all he is our modern day Thomas Jefferson. It is easier to understand when one realizes how far afield the powers that be are from the vision of our Founding Fathers.

The movement Ron Paul has started will continue to grow until we regain our Republic and our Freedom.

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Some recommendations..

Im assuming since your coming from MA that you would be taking 95 through Providence, on down to Kingston.. if your coming from this way, then when on rt 138 E, you will want to take a left down Plains Rd just before the college, and come in to the back side of the school where the majority of the large parking lots are. Keaney is located right next to the Ryan Center, the schools new and larger arena. The parking lots off Keaney road, will probably be the first ones to fill up because they have the easy access entrance right on 138.. Not too many folks will know to park around back.


Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Check this out.


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