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Ron Paul attracts 3,000-plus voters to Texas A&M event

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted a remarkable 3,000-plus supporters and undecided voters to his Texas A&M town hall meeting tonight. It was the first of three events showcasing Dr. Paul’s characteristic large crowds that the Congressman is holding in his home state this week.

Event organizers noted that the university speaking venue was filled to capacity, necessitating an additional 500-plus to watch the speech via live feed in the lobby.

Dr. Paul’s town hall meeting took place at 7:00 p.m. CST at Texas A&M University’s
Rudder Auditorium - Rudder Theatre Complex, located at the intersection of Joe Routt Boulevard and Throckmorton Street in College Station, TX 77840.


Includes pic from the Ron Paul campaign

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WHOOP! Gig 'Em, Dr.

WHOOP! Gig 'Em, Dr. Paul!



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