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Look fellow patriots, hear me out please...

first off, track my history, look at every post I have made on this site from day 1 if it is possible. I am a former Marine, my brother and my father are also, but they are still hoodwinked, I am not. We have to be smart, our only enemy is time, that is it, that is our only dilemma. In order to beat the enemy, you must think like them and react like them.
Problem is we are thinking like them at all, we think we have them beat, and we do if we gain time, we only need to gain time, that is it. Don't get me wrong, there can be a monkey wrench thrown into the game in terms of a false flag into chaos, or what have you. When you own all the money, you make the rules. We have gotten one step closer today to winning since Rick Santorum stepped out. We must realize that the game is rigged, and we may not win because it is rigged, and that is reality. The powers that be expect Obama to win, please say you realize this, they want him to win because he won't have to fake it anymore, 4 year free ride.
If we get hammered, Romney must win, he must, not because he is different from Obama, but because we will need to expose that he is no different from Obama. If Ron Paul does not recieve the nomination, it is the last and only time we have to vote for the lessor of two evils, and we need to vote like maniacs for him. Now you will -1 me and call me a troll until this post hits -150, and that is fine, that means you are not privy to the game being played. They know we will only vote for Ron Paul, and that is why they know their media machine will kill Romney's chances, so we are no threat!!!!
I signed up in 1994 to die for this shit, the same shit we are all fighting for, freedom. We must be smart, we need to buy time if Ron Paul does not recieve the nomination. Here is the possibilities of what will happen if Ron Paul does not clinch the nomination and Romney does...
1.Romney loses and Obama wins and goes complete insaniac on everything.
2.Romney wins and he goes completely insaniac, but this helps us because it finally exposes the republican side as being part of the same agenda.
3.Romney lays back and tries to look like the republicans are actually different from the democrats, and it may give him another 4 years after that in which he goes the way of the elites and further crushes us, exposing the republican side to the reality that the system is a one party system with many faces.
4.Romney crushes us in the first 4 years of his presidency, it will be exposed and how we react is up to us.

I know Romney is more of the same, but I also know that I am more of not of the same, as all of you are. If Romney clinches the nomination, we will all know it was stolen from us, but the powers that be also want us to write Ron Paul in, they want Obama to win. I will say it again, they want Obama to win. Only we can assure if they rig the vote, that Obama loses. ONLY WE CAN MAKE SURE OBAMA LOSES, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT???

Our focus is going to kill us. Don't vote for a candidate, vote for time if we are faced with the choice. Can we please at this point realize that the powers that be expect us to back Ron Paul to the end if he is not the nominee only to give Obama the win so they don't have to fake it? Do you understand where I am coming from? Buy us some damn time and at the same time expose the system for what it is, a one party piece of garbage!!!!!!

We have worked hard, many have worked harder than I, and God bless you all for all you have done!!!! When I see people question Rand Paul, it makes me wonder if we are truly awake or the sleepiest awakened people I have ever met. Wake up completely and make the moves they don't think we will make, and that is the key, the moves they don't think we will make is the solution. Be smart, make the move they think we will not play, and that my fellow patriots, is how we will win. They sure as hell don't want you to vote for Romney, they sure as hell want you to question Rand Paul, and they sure as hell want you to vote this post down, but I pray you are smarter than that at this point. I wore a uniform to die for you, and I still would die for you all. Let us play the move of all moves, and use some strategy. Let's trump their next move.

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Was looking for the TL;DR at the bottom. Didn't see one...

Definitely Too Long; Didn't Read. Based on the comments and downvotes I'm guessing it's one of those "hey lets vote for Romney, that's in no way the worst fucking idea ever". If that's the case: no thanks. I'll take a punch straight in the face before I vote for Romney.

If I'm wrong on my assumption of what the post actually said then please allow me to apologize for being entirely to lazy at 1:15 am to read that massive block of text. :)

Been there done that...

It's already proven that Obama is no different than Bush.

It's not about who occupies the oval office... See my username? Ron Paul isn't running against Romney or Obama. He is running against Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, BIS, CIA, FBI, DHS, FDA, BAR etc etc etc... don't you get it?



I'd rather have Obama than Romney. As much as I disagree with some of his policies I don't think Obama is as bloodthirsty for war as Romney/Newt.


NO! We lose all credibility and no one notices anything. If, and this is just an if. If Ron runs third party, the republican party DIES. That creates Time. Time to continue pushing the message. No one will be in the spotlight if Ron quits. No one will notice that the parties are the same. They have been the same for a long time. Just keep pushing the message and never give in to the pressure to pick the lesser of two evils.

Ron Paul NEVER picked the lesser of two evils when it came to taxes, debt ceiling, or liberties, and we shouldn't either. The people have to see this for themselves. Either the liberty movement wins now or it wins later, but do not give up your principles!

Count me out

There is absolutely no way that I will willingly, on my own sense of right and wrong, without being tricked, and without be forced, to support a known criminal such as this Romney person.

Someone who lies while hired into a government office is a criminal.

If he is a criminal, as is obvious to me, lying about Obama Care being any different (in principle) than Romney Care, for one example, then he will still be a criminal when hired to wield all the power of the Nation State (formerly a Republic).

I won't do it.

They grow stronger, we grow weaker, it is that simple.

Don't feed the Legal Criminals.


P.S. Anyone who does not yet know that Elections are Rigged, in my opinion, is lying to themselves for some reason, it is painfully obvious, already, that Elections are rigged.


Not sure I agree w/ your premise

We had 8 years of Dubya followed by the previous 3+ years of Obama. Things were bad during Dubya's tenure and they're still bad under Obama. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don't realize that the Republican and Democratic parties are essentially "the same". So what are 4 years of Romney going to prove? These candidates basically just blame all their problems on the prior administration and say they need a 2nd term to fix all the harm that was done. Meanwhile the country never gets any better.

If Dr. Paul got elected, admittedly, he would also blame the problems on prior administrations. And things would get worse in this country before they got better. However, I think people would notice an actual difference under a Ron Paul administration. They'd see confidence restored to our money. They'd see businesses back in the US. They'd see the debt getting paid down. The ones who had jobs would see larger paychecks because they'd keep what they earned. In other words, things would be getting better.

But back to my original point. I think that for a lot of Americans will, unfortunately, have to have to suffer through a currency crisis (which will be a complete stunner to many who still think we're the richest country in the world) before they're willing to listen to a real message of hope and change - Dr. Paul's message. There's always the danger, though, that this country will go down the wrong path and end up a totalitarian nightmare.

Makes sense

That is a good point, that if Obama gets elected again that he won't have to pretend anymore, which implies that if Romney wins, that he'd at least have to pretend for his first term. And with more and more people waking up, it is possible that Romney's rule would make more people realize the futility of supporting anyone who isn't like Ron Paul.

Strategically, I have two worries. First, we're in this mess in part because people kept voting for the lesser of two evils, trying to buy our country time. It may have "bought time," but it still gave the one-posing-as-two party power. My second worry is that if we do that, then we have proved to them that even we could be convinced to support them and their corrupt system. We would lose credibility both in front of the establishment and in front of the jaded voters. Such a move, I think, would kill the spirit of the liberty movement.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I welcome your opinion,

but must couph one up myself. Here me out - If the republicans were not awoken to the fact that George W. Bush was a democrat hiding behind a (R) (he doubled EDU, made homland security, TSA, passed Patriot act, North Command, 2 wars, and "stimulated the economy" all of which is expected out of a democrat, not a Repub.) & If Democrats are not awoken to the fact that Obama is no different that Bush jr, and if dems were to consider bush jr a repub, but cannot come to the conclusion under their definition of Repubican, obama is a repub (he continued the wars, contiued bush tax cuts, initiated SS tax cuts, renewed Patriot act, NDAA, more "Stimulus" and so forth) .... I do not see the majority of the people ever waking up. As the adage goes, govt mirrors the people at the time, the majority of the people are A) Statists, B) Vote cus they think it is their civic duty, yet have no clue who they should vote 4, so vote off the media hype, C) Are heavily medicated with physcotropic drugs, or D) Very Very Very old, are to trusting, and are the type of people who get lured into a swindler (ex more than likely they are the majority who fall for the commemorative qtrs and other as seen on tv scams.) If we go with a Mitt Romney, or Obama, the same thing will happen, like being stuck in a loop with statists hiding behind R...D....D..R..R..R...d..R..d It will never end, unless you put a constitutionalist behid those imaginary letters.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Tog, please watch this video

and share your thoughts on it: http://www.dailypaul.com/225487/most-convincing-proof-of-gro...

I think hardly anyone on the DP saw it. It's bleak.

Lew Rockwell's take


"Ron Paul Matters. Especially because he could wreck the Republican party (sweet thought) by running on an independent ticket."

Signatures needed to have Dr. Paul on your State's Ballot as independent.

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul or no one at all.

If Ron is not the nominee I will write him in. Just like in 2008 and just like everyone else that I know will do (if they even bother to vote). We are fighting to elect our delegates right now so this thread is completely irrelevant until after Tampa.

ps - romney = obama = bush = newt = clinton = bush I

I know the math

they are all equal, but the real question is, do they believe we still believe in the two party system as a nation? If they think we don't, we are cooked with Romney or Obama, but their media is still playing the two party game, so do we get a republican in to buy us time if Ron Paul does not clinch it, which obviously his chances are better than we know. That is the point of my thread, thinking like the thinkers controlling the agenda.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


In case you misunderstood, it's:

No One But Paul 2012!

By write-in if necessary.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

That is not going to change minds as much as you think

There will still be the two sides and the narrative will be that it would have been different with obama in if Romney wins, or vice versa. Either way, we get the same thing and blame the other.

Stay in this to win it, and if we do not win the presidency, we fight from the ground up with a sense of urgency, securing those with our beliefs positions in local and state governments.

I am in it to win it, spent over $10k in the past 4 years

to win it, but, what I am saying is do we kill it with an Obama win, or do you believe Romney will kill it just the same? It is possible, Romney will totally go flip flop on everything and be all Obama could have been, but what I am saying is, do the powers that be already know their two party system is cooked or will they try to salvage it? Salvaging it gives us time obviously, not salvinging it is the same scenario we are in right now. I am saying, which is it?

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

It's moe than a presidential election

Ron Paul convinced many people like me to join the GOP and run for office. Now I have a seat on the Republican Central Committee. I represent a county, and I'm running for more offices. So it's people like myself that this is all about, more than Ron Paul's GOP nomination or election. WE ARE THE FUTURE. I'm not playing games with people. People have enough games to play. What people are hungry for is genuine truth. So for me, I plan to being in Tampa and opening voting FOR Ron Paul, who is my political leader... and whether Ron Paul wins or not, I have 4 years seated in an office, where I will continue to vote for Ron Paul's message and bring freedom and liberty to my county.

This, I beleive is what it's really about... more than voting for Romney or Obama or Ron paul... the most important thing we should all be doing is joining the GOP, running for offices and perpetuating Ron Paul's message.