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Wyoming State Convention - April 12-14

This Thursday (April 12) the Wyoming State Convention will convene and select the remaining delegates to go to the National Convention.

The delegate total so far is as follows:

Romney: 8
Santorum: 2
Paul: 1
Uncommitted: 1


14 delegates will be selected and bound to the candidate of their preference until released.

"State Party by-laws require that, before the State convention votes are taken, each would-be delegate or alternate (except the 3 Party Leader delegates) must inform the convention of which presidential candidate, if any, they would cast their vote for at the national convention unless released from that pledge by the Presidential candidate."

I hope we can do well and not let this become another North Dakota.

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What's wrong with Wyoming?

What's wrong with Wyoming?

Trying to understand the math...

WY has 10 at-large, 3 elected by the sole CD, 3 party, and 13 bonus. I'm assuming that the bonus become at-large delegates. And since there's only one CD, are those 3 selected at the State Convention also?

...so, are we selecting all 26 (all but the 3 party insiders) tonight?


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


12 delegates were elected during County Conventions in March
14 delegates were elected at the State Convention today
3 delegates are automatic delegates (Chairman of GOP, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman)

Romney won all 14 delegates


BUT we won all 14 alternate delegates

Look at the list of people who got the chance to speak at the convention to endorse Romney:

Dick Cheney
Governor Matt Mead
Congresswoman Cynthis Lummis
Former Congresswoman Barbara Cubin
Senator Mike Enzi
Senator John Barrasso
Romney's son, Josh

Our supporters there held their own and the establishment knows they can't ignore us anymore.



"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

hoping RP supporters stuck it out

...through Dick Cheney's one hour speech. That is all the news I see so far.

I am not sure I could see Dick in person

Would be hard to control myself. Am afraid I would take justice into my own hands. Cheney is a criminal. I think he is wanted in more than a few nations for his part in war crimes isn't he? If he's not, then he should be...espeically in this nation which proclaims such "Exceptionalism". Don't we follow the law?


Bump for Wyoming from South Dakota.

Bump for Wyoming

Does anyone know how the National Delegates today were allocated?

If Paul could take 8 of the 14 at-large delegates, he'd have a majority in this state. But, I hear that Romney's son and Dick Cheney were there to endorse Mittens. I certainly hope this will be like Josh Romney's stop in Colorado's CD3, where the Ron Paul people took most of the National Delegates anyway.

Pulling out a good amount of

Pulling out a good amount of delegates would be great here considering the campaign made no efforts in Wyoming to begin with

On the verge of an upset win?

While the situation is unsettled, we might be celebrating later today:


Go Wyoming faithful!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


... for Wyoming!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

so how did it go?

is the convention over? how did we do? is the Paul campaign in control of the majority of delegates for the great state of Wyoming?

Not sure about any updates.

Not sure about any updates. It lasts through Saturday, and I think they'll probably choose delegates then.



thanks...i'll be looking forward to hear what happens.

Already a national alternate &

We have several on the nominating committee (including me). Should have a full slate of delegates. The Santorum drop out will make a difference. Should be interesting...

I Still Don't Understand

I still don't understand how you won in Hot Springs. You said you had so few RP supporters, yet somehow you won. You've done amazing work. I'm hoping for good reports from Cheyenne this weekend!

Perhaps you should consider a joint slate

Maybe the Santorum people would be interested in a joint "Conservative" slate? It might be a good idea if it would enable a majority. A 51%-49% Paul/Santorum outcome would be far better than a 100% Romney result.

Also, all Paul alternates need to attend the convention; there should be many open Santorum slots that will need to be filled. Thank you for your dedication!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

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Santorum dropping out

Santorum dropping out should make a positive difference for your delegate effort. Hopefully the non-romney vote will come our way. This should be an interesting test of sentiment. Sure wish you the best of everything!

I'm leaving for it tomorrow AM.

Great to hear the victory news from the show-me state!

While we don't have a solid majority of total delegates, we are doing pretty good. We'll see how the Santorum delegates feel about being sold out by a DC Insider, since there is a STRONG dislike of O'Romney in this state.


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Good Fortune Wyoming

delegates. If you can't take a lot of delegates, be sure to lock up the alternate slots. One never knows what the future will bring...