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Just Take A CHANCE!

My friend posted a facebook status, "Funny how the only people up right now are archies."... Archies, is our nickname for architecture students and we are always up until at least 4am doing work if not sleeping at all, for days.... Side story, i've gone 3 full days, 90+ hours without sleep, its awful but fun!

Anyways, so his post "Funny how the only people up are archies".. I replied "..and Ron Paul supporters."

He said, "who is ron paul?"

another friend said, "doesn't sound like something im interested in."

I posted, "Good question! (and I linked Ron Paul Predictions)

Needless to say, he asked again, "I don't get it... is he famous or something?

SURPRISED!!! I took a deep breath and told him,
"He is running for President to remove Obama, end the illegal wars, audit the federal reserve, re-establish the middle class through the elimination of 5 federal departments as we restricting government involvement with business.

He is a vietnam veteran, a Duke graduate and is Doctor of 40 years and delivered 4,000+ babies as an OBGYN. He entered politics in 1976 when the Federal Reserve broke away from the gold standard and began printing as much money as they wanted, whenever they wanted. Since he studies economics out of interest, he planned to change and reverse that decision.

Today, he is trying to save america."

neither of them have heard his name or what he is about... but now they can't stop asking questions.


RON PAUL EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spread his name, from sea to shining sea....

OBAMA cannot be King!!!!

It is RON PAUL or none at all. Even Palin says it so...

Obama is trying to be a lying no good tootin' dictator and we aren't gonna let him!!