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Help Requested: Unbound Delegate Grab For Dr. Paul In Pennsylvania

Just saw this post for help in PA:
We Need Ron Paul Supporters from Washington, DC to Help in Pennsylvania
Hello. My name is Darren Brown and I am from Pennsylvania. We are only 18 days away from our primary and we have 72 unbound delegates, which is the largest number of unbound delegate in any state! It is also a "loophole primary" so these unbound delegates are elected on a completely separate section of the ballot. So we are working hard here in Pennsylvania to promote specific delegates who will vote for Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention in August. But we really need people from both in state and out of state to come in and help distribute delegate cards to voters on election day (April 24th). I posted a video on YouTube to let Ron Paul supporters in and around this state how they can get in contact with district coordinators (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3thN1SoxpU). They can find their nearest Pennsylvania congressional district on the map at http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/files/2011/12/New-Pennsylva... and contact their district coordinator at one of the following email addresses:

District 1: [masked]
District 2: [masked]
District 3: [masked]
District 4: [masked]
District 5: [masked]
District 6: [masked]
District 7: [masked]
District 8: [masked]
District 9: [masked]
District 10: [masked]
District 11: [masked]
District 12: [masked]
District 13: [masked]
District 14: [masked]
District 15: [masked]
District 16: [masked]
District 17: [masked]
District 18: [masked]

Please pass this message and video link onto as many Ron Paul supporters as you think would be close enough to help on our election day. We need the help of Washington, DC residents on April 24th to elect all 72 unbound delegates for Ron Paul. Thank you.


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Big bump for activism.

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I posted the meetup site on

I posted the meetup site on both Ron Paul for Pennsylvania and D.C. on facebook so that should get more people's attention.