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Dirt On Mitt Romney

I was going through some of the comments in Rick Santorum's Facebook pages and came across this:


Not sure how reliable any of it is, but we can add it to the other stuff here.

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And this isn't "dirt" - this is directly out of Romney's own mouth.

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"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This guy's beyond deceptive to say the least....

A real liberal wolf. He could even get the Daily Show to run ads for him. With Jon Stewart!

Now that's deceptive...

Bump for investigation...

Yeah, a lot of this stuff is real hardcore and true about Romney....He was friends with that liberal turned communist joker Michael Herzog, and also oddly enough has ties to Bill Ayers & radicals in the Cayman Islands...

Goldman Suchs is of course, strangely listed on all his travel ledgers.

Good god if this guy was ever President, I'm sure a lot of people will flee the United States. Flat out depart.

He appears to be a serial liar and crook, get busy with Santorum supporters & expose this creep as soon as possible..

A veritable plethora of good

A veritable plethora of good news! Worth staying up all night to see.

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