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Ron Paul Sweeps St.Charles Missouri Caucus!

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Just in case you or anyone

Just in case you or anyone you know in Missouri; The Missouri National Convention Tomorrow!
Saturday 21 April 2012: 24 of 52 delegates to the National Convention are elected and bound to Presidential contenders in today's Congressional District Conventions.

Delegates, elected at the County Conventions, meet in each of the state's 8 Congressional Districts. Each District elects 3 National Convention District delegates.

Before voting begins, the National Convention Delegate candidates indicate their Presidential Preference. The Convention participants then cast ballots for the individual candidates.
There is no formal system applied in the District Convention to relate the presidential preference of the District Convention delegates to the choice of the district's delegates to the National Republican Convention. The delegates in attendance at each District Convention alone determine if presidential preference is to be a factor and, if so, how it is to be applied.
Congressional District Convention Locations
Congressional District 1
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, St. Louis

Congressional District 2
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Lindbergh High School Cafeteria, St. Louis (63126)

Congressional District 3
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 1pm
Location: Hermann High School, Hermann

Congressional District 4
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Best Western, Sedalia

Congressional District 5
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Truman High School Auditorium, Independence

Congressional District 6
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Chillicothe High School Performing Arts Center, Chillicothe

Congressional District 7
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: National Guard Armory, Pierce City

Congressional District 8
Date & Time: 4/21/12; 10am
Location: Gamma Labs Conference Center, Poplar Bluff
Here is one of the additional things you will be voting on: the draft 2012 Missouri Republican Party platform http://www.mogop.org/media/2012_Platform_DRAFT.pdf

If you would like to see any changes to this document (I would pay particular attention starting on page 3), be sure to attend your county caucus.

If anyone from or knows someone from Utah please read the following thread ASAP: http://www.dailypaul.com/227553/reminder-about-utah-for-apri...