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Traffic Ticket: Can A Cop Lawfully Force You To Sign A Contract? (Role Play)

If you are not educating your public servants, someone else will. If you do not act like a king, you will be treated as a slave. Freedom is not free. Considering how so few stand up you take a risk when asserting your Creator granted rights. The people are the ones who enforce the constitution. Are you enforcing it or waiting for someone else to?


Cop says: "Sign here"

I say: "I appreciate the offer but no thank you."

Cop: "You're not going to sign it?"

I say: "Why should I?"

Cop: "Because if you don't sign it I'm going to have you arrested."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Cop: "You heard me. If you don't sign the ticket you'll be arrested."

Me: "Okay hold the phone for a second sir. This is a contract. Are you threatening me that if I don't sign this contract you're going to kidnap me and hold me hostage until I do?"

Somebody be the cop. What's he going to say to that?

(When you know what's really going on - it changes things. Now the key is to make this man think. He's not your adversary. He just doesn't know what's going on.)

Did you know that "police officers" are private contractors? Yes it's true... they have no more authority than a Wal-Mart security guard. Now Wal-Mart may own the parking lot but can police officers prove they own the road? If not they are risking their entire net worth by violating your rights at the side of the road. Read Rod Class's history making PRECEDENT CASE:


Keep in mind that if one "agency" is a private entity - THEY ALL ARE - which includes the local police, the state "government" the federal "government" etc... this is why I keep saying "GovCorp" when referring to "government" -> It's NOT A LAWFUL GOVERNMENT! They people have NO SAY in these corporations - as evidenced by the Ron Paul Revolution which has exposed that fact in a large way.

Note: Contrary to the very SCARY 20 minutes special on "sovereigns" - True "sovereigns" do not harm. They use knowledge to establish authority and jurisdiction. They use the pen and realize that whipping out the sword is an extremely bad idea when faced with overwhelming force (ergo - "knowledge").

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Looks like the "Attorney At Law" stuck his foot in his mouth.

After admitting that the IRS is a "private entity" and then claimed it was an "agency" - a complete contradiction - he flew away.

Fly away - BARfly!

So much for his reality check.

I wonder if Ben Swann would like to do a reality check on Rod's traffic case?

RPvGoldman Sachs and The

RPvGoldman Sachs and The South both were REALITY CHECKED!!!

BOOM!! and so they scrambled and disappeared....

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


I just looked up the post to see if you responded yet. I stand corrected - bravo. However you still have a "quasi-government" private entity posing as a government AGENCY -> It says so in their name.

I do notice that you haven't responded to the comment I made directly below this one. I think what you do for a living is downright treasonous - Esquire. Now don't try to accuse me of anything for pointing out the penalties for treason.

This deception is quite thick. I will be back to respond as soon as I do some more research. Disclaimer: I am not an "Attorney At Law" like you are so I am not as accustomed to dealing in deception... as you are.

I stand on my previous statements however, the law is actually quite simple. Do no harm.

All these codes, statutes, acts, regulations etc are designed to create two separate classes in society. Those that produce and those who LEACH off the producers and live high on the hog while doing it.

I'll be back ;-)

Let me get this straight. I

Let me get this straight. I just busted you for making up stuff and you are telling ME I am deceiving? You make no sense whatsoever, but at least you were man enough to give a semi apology for being wrong.

You say you were "corrected" but then you go on to say you stand by your statements. Don't be ridiculous.

What "quasi-government" private entity are you talking about?

What I do for a living is treasonous? You are just ludicrous... You don't know what I do, and even if you did, your accusation is so far-fetched is has no basis in reality..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I have looked up every single

I have looked up every single "goberment" (oops, misspelled...oh well) entity in my county and state. I searched through Dunn & Bradstreets sister site called, Manta.com ALL/100% of them are listed as "private/for profit" companies. And all my life I thought they were "public ServANTS". I thank God I wasn't born into being a Bar Fly and haveing to pay homage (dues) to keep a card in my pocket. I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER, and help them every day/eight days a week, WITHOUT pay. The BAR writes our "laws". The Bar brings on us the "charges". The Bar sits in "judgement". The Bar sees to the fullfillment of sentencing. Damn, but doesn't that just crawl in the face of what we call the Constitution?

Answer just ONE, JUST ONE, question....

Where is the LAW that says you must have a license to practice law?

for everybody else, call your secretary of state and ask them to send you an app. LMAO

I've asked you three times

if you were an "Attorney At Law" - you've refused to respond.

I've answered your "Reality Check" below.

My claim is that all these "government" agencies are private corporations. They are listed on DUNN & Bradstreet as such. They have CEO's, boards of directors, employees and shareholders just like Goldman Sachs.

They in no way have non-investors best interests in mind, meaning the people. This includes the employees. I'm talking specifically about peace officers aka "cops" - these people you commit crimes for DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. They are the MAFIA/MOB and when the SHTF and they are called on if they ordered you to do it or not... guess who's holding the bag?

Without you their whole ENCODED system of de-facto "law" they are using to destroy the middle class of this county comes to a screeching halt... and they are terrified that you might be surfing the internet and in particular - reading this post.

I can't have a conversation

I can't have a conversation with a paranoid person who doesn't grasp reality. I should have stopped a while ago.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Just because you're paranoid

doesn't mean "they" aren't out to get you.

Again: Are you an "Attorney At Law?" (4th time I've asked)

Represent, Personate, Person - What do they mean?

Attorney's At Law "represent" you. What does that mean?

Represent. To appear in the character of; personate; to exhibit; to expose before the eyes. To represent thing is to produce it publicly. To represent a person is to stand in his place; to speak or act with authority on behalf of such person; to supply his place: to act as his substitute or agent. See also Agent; Power of appointment; Representative.

Please note above where "personate" is given as a one word definition. This means personate can be substituted for represent so it was much easier to just define represent as "personate" and not list the specifics of the definition. It's interesting though:

Personate. To assume the person (character) of another, without his consent or knowledge, in order to deceive others, and, in such feigned character, to fraudulently do some act 'or gain some advantage, to the harm or prejudice of the person counterfeited. To pass one's self off as another having a certain identity. Lane v. U. S., C.C.A.Ohio, 17 F.2d 923. See also Impersonation

And a refresher those who didn't catch "person" in this thread:

Person. In general usage, a human being (i.e. natural person), though by statute term may include a firm, labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers. National Labor Relations Act, § 2(1).

You Disinfo Agents filling this thread with BS

need to read this:


The police are PRIVATE CONTRACTORS with NO authority to pull you over; write you a ticket; take you to jail; harass you, etc. They are not government officials; they are private entities; you can't sue them as gov't officials, they are NOT government officials.

They are private entities, they do not answer to the people, get it?

North Carolina Judge Ridgeway rules that: Government Agencies and Officials are Private Entities.

Now they can be sued in their private capacity without protection from the state government, get it?

So if they're private entities (like security guards at Wal-Mart), what authority do they have to pull you over and write you a ticket or take you to jail.

Can a Wal-Mart security guard who's NOT a government official pull you over and take you to jail?

Think this ruling is joke? You damn well better read it again!

Rod forced the court into a corner, they had to finally admit it, there was no way out for them. As a matter of fact, the first judge that ruled in favor of the state ended up recusing himself from the case.

Do yourself a favor (and everyone else who may eventually read this thread) and go back and study the case.

It's an Administrative Court Ruling, case closed!

You are either a liar or just

You are either a liar or just willfully ignorant. Either way, you are doing a great disservice to the board.

You cite a case that dealt with MANY factors. A case against many DIFFERENT entities, some local, some state. There is NOWHERE in the ruling that states that LOCAL POLICE OFFICERS are private contractors.

That referred to the "LICENSE PLATE AGENCY" as defined by NC Statute, which is another part of your problem -- that is -- that you are citing a JUDICIAL ORDER in NC and trying to apply it to other states, completely ignoring the sovereignty of individual states and laws.

The statute EXCLUDED local units of government, such as the POLICE DEPT. You ignored that.

The statute the judge referred to stated: ""Agency" means an agency or an officer in the executive branch of the government of this State and includes the Council of State, the Governor's Office, a board, a commission, a department, a division, a council, and any other unit of government in the executive branch. A local unit of government is NOT an agency." Thus is cannot be sued under that Act.

CITATION: http://www.ncleg.net/gascripts/statutes/statutelookup.pl?sta...

The petitioner, RODNEY-DALE, appeared to sued under the Administrative Procedure Act, which none of the entities sued fell under, by definition pursuant to the statute. I have read the complaint, which provided such conclusion, mainly here: "The law of administrative procedure has developed to ensure that agencies do not abuse their authority even though they use simplified procedures instead of Civil Procedure. " See page 4 of complaint.

The complant is here: http://minus.com/m6M40HRrB/

The defendants moved to dismiss because they did not fall under the defined terms of the Administrative Procedure Act. The judge properly granted the motions.

The petitioners problem started here with his signature:

Rodney–Dale; Class
Private Attorney General
C/o P.O. Box 435
High Shoals, North Carolina [28077]

I am sure you will ignore all this too, because you invested so much of your mind, body and soul into it, you can't let go of the FACT that you are WRONG.

It is akin to suing someone for breach of contract under the Consumer Protection Act. It makes no sense, unless the statute is written to permit such suit.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Since you are the Attorney here:

Please address these point for point (my text in italics for transparency).

1) Respondents NCDOT and Dallas Police Department filed motions to dismiss based on lack of subject matter jurisdiction. The license plate agency IS the North Carolina Department of Transportation is it not?

2) The judge ruled that NCDOT is a "private entity." Why would something called the "North Carolina Department of Transportation" be a private entity and not part of PUBLIC government?

3) Can't "Acme License Plate Company" punch out license plates and supply the needed materials to make Driver Licenses to a PUBLIC entity?

4) "...as a unit of local government" De-facto government (a private entity acting under "color of" law) or de-jure (a PUBLIC entity and lawful government)?

5) I am accused of using "semantics" by someone on this thread. Is NCDOT posing AS AN OFFICIAL UNIT OF GOVERNMENT when in actuality it is a PRIVATE corporation? Are PRIVATE people being DECEIVED into BELIEVING that NCDOT is a PUBLIC entity and therefore a unit of PUBLIC government? ->>> IS that not the ESSENCE of DECEPTION? Just exactly how far does this deception go? Is this SEMANTIC?

#5 Is extra-credit - They are also obviously rhetorical questions, I certainly don't expect a private BAR club Attorney to touch them with a ten foot pole.

NCDOT is posing as an DEPARTMENT of the executive branch of state government. The only way for this judge to get out of ruling based on the Administrative Procedures Act was to ADMIT it was a PRIVATE ENTITY/Corporation. He was boxed into a corner! He exempted DPD by saying it wasn't part of the executive branch and therefore not an "agency."

I'm not done yet. I just don't want this to go WAY over the layman's head. Your move councilor...

I really shouldn't even be

I really shouldn't even be responding to your nonsensical gibberish, but to hopefully save some least sophisticated souls who may actually try to use some of your "legal weapons" and end up tased or in jail, I will debunk your statements, since apparently you can't read.

1. "The license plate agency IS the North Carolina Department of Transportation is it not?" NO! Read the damn complaint and save everyone including yourself some time. There were THREE entities sued. 1) North Carolina Department of Transportation. 2) Dallas Police Dept. 3) North Carolina Motor Vehicles License Plate Agency in Gastonia.

2. "The judge ruled that NCDOT is a "private entity" WRONG. You really have a serious problem reading, which is exactly WHY you do not cite the language from the ruling, because it would defeat your bogus statements. The Judge ruled that North Carolina Department of Transportation is exempt from the suit under § 150B-1(e)(9) [sic] of NC Gen. Stat. Why do I have to look that up for you?

God, it's irritating. Exemptions From Contested Case Provisions. states:

"Exemptions From Contested Case Provisions..... The contested case provisions of this Chapter apply to all agencies and all proceedings not expressly exempted from the Chapter. The contested case provisions of this Chapter do not apply to the following: (8) The Department of Transportation."

AGAIN, the judge ONLY RULED THAT North Carolina Motor Vehicles License Plate Agency in Gastonia was a private entity. Not the Dallas Police Dept or NCDOT. Read the damn order.

3. "Can't "Acme License Plate Company" punch out license plates and supply the needed materials to make Driver Licenses to a PUBLIC entity?" I have no idea what you are talking about and even if I did, it is debunked by the above.

4. Again, I have no idea what you are talking about and even if I did, it is debunked by the above. You make no sense except to yourself.

5. I already explained that your initial premise that the judge ruled that NCDOT is a private entity is WRONG. They are EXEMPT from being "sued" under the Administrative Procedure Act. What part of that don't you get? The judge ENEVER ruled that "it was a PRIVATE ENTITY/Corporation" as you stated. That is something you just concocted in your mind in an futile attempt to support some sort of conspiracy theory that police officers etc are "private contractors" and don't have jurisdiction to enforce the laws over you Just really some incomprehensible voodoo legal theories.

And btw, I'm done with you. I should have stopped before like I said, but it was actually fun to make you look foolish.

SO IN CONCLUSION!! You have now just been REALITY CHECKED!! But I doubt you will admit it or even see it.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Here's the thing...

As I noted above you are correct. Which is why I posed it as a question because I was not sure if the "License Plate Agency" was the NCDOT. The fact that "North Carolina Motor Vehicles License Plate Agency" is a private entity is quite telling. Are you willing to sign and notarize an AFFIDAVIT under penalty of PERJURY that North Carolina Department of Transportation is a PUBLIC ENTITY?

I don't think so... but if you are willing to I'm happy to give you the address to send it to. It's one thing to debunk a post and it's something completely different to be on a witness stand.

This judge was doing everything in his power to not allow the fraud to be exposed. What I'm saying is ALL "government" entities currently in power ARE PRIVATE ENTITIES. They are all interlocked.

It's called code because you need to know the code to figure it out. What's happened is there's a class of society that has made STEALING from the people legal - as long as you follow the codes. Then your out (private BAR members) is that people are supposed to know what the "law" is... which is not law at all. It is commercial statutes enforceable on commercial legal persons/entities.

I am a law abiding sovereign man and believe that if it's the real law, you would not need to be so deceptive in order to create an air of justification for what you do.

I honestly think there is

I honestly think there is something wrong with you. Most agencies are not part of the government. Government outsource their work, to the IRS, NIH, not even the post service is part of the United States government anymore. Been like that since 1972.

So what? What difference does it make. There are only 3 branches of government. The IRS is a collection agency. The post service is a delivery service. What you have "discovered" is completely irrelevant.

Besides the conversation was about the lawsuit and how you MISinterpreted the ruling. Your statements were erroneous so I corrected you so no other would fall for that garage. "North Carolina Motor Vehicles License Plate Agency" is a private entity is quite telling." No it's not. How do you think Government gets weapons? They outsource it to companies. Some private and some public. And yes I am willing to bet that Dept of Transportation is a public entity.

Your argument that COPS are private people and have no authority to arrest people is just ridiculous. because that is the underlying issue you seem to be promoting.

Bails bondmen are private, but they still have authority to get people. The FED is semi private and they still have authority to print money. Im not gonna argue over constitutionality. They received the power by Congress.

"This judge was doing everything in his power to not allow the fraud to be exposed." What fraud? There is no fraud.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

This is laughable... are you the best the BAR has to offer?

The IRS is a collection agency.

No, as the precedent was set in this case, private entities can't be "agencies" so you've just LIED. If the "North Carolina License Plate Agency" is not an agency because it's a private entity... NEITHER IS THE IRS - > By your admission.

The FED is semi private

Hahaha... what the heck does that mean?

And yes I am willing to bet that Dept of Transportation is a public entity.

Are you willing to bet your LIBERTY? Meaning... sign and notarize an affidavit. Put up or shut up. I'm willing to go affidavit for affidavit with you. I stand by my word as my word is my bond.

I'm not gonna argue over constitutionality.

Because you will lose that argument. This is the fundamental problem we face in this country. Those in government who do not follow the constitution. You've just outed yourself as a disinformation TROLL and in no way a Ron Paul supporter if you're not going to argue constitutionality because that is the root of the problem.

They received the power by Congress.

Where does congress get ANY power to delegate their DELEGATED powers to private entities? The people tell congress what they have the powers to do. They do not have these powers. Unless it's expressly written in article 1 section 8 - it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL, NULL, VOID and UNLAWFUL.

Wow - thanks for the admission!

Most agencies are not part of the government. Government outsource their work, to the IRS, NIH, not even the post service is part of the United States government anymore. Been like that since 1972.

The Postal Service is a private entity. The post office - still delivering the mail - is not. Let's also include the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, FCC as PRIVATE entities.

Can you tell me where in the constitution "government" get's it's authority to delegate it's powers of "law" enforcement to private entities? If you are against the FED -> Where congress unlawfully delegated it's power to "coin money and regulate the value thereof" then you can't be for delegation of other GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITIES to private entities, unless of course it pads your bank account.

What you don't say is much more important than what you do say for those who have the ability to read between the lines. 4 times I've asked if you were an "Attorney At Law" - no answer. I just asked if you were prepared to go under the penalty of perjury and claim that "Police Departments" (private corporate policy enforcement agencies) and "departments" such as NCDOT are PUBLIC entities - you've dodged that question as well. The curtain is being pulled back. Your ommissions are being noted. You're just digging the hole further by your admissions in this latest comment... the IRS has no more lawful authority than Wal-Mart to collect taxes - unless there is a previous PRIVATE contract that the people are not aware of. (It's called a "birth certificate.")

Let's also talk about the "Corrections Corporation of America." When did lobbying government for more oppression in order to take away the people's liberty for RIDICULOUS things like smoking a joint become a PROFIT motivation? Isn't that contrary to a country which purports to be the land of the free and brave? It's very profitable if you run a FULL prison. They are paid in "government" debt (which by the way is owed TO the people - not the other way around).

Your problem stems from the

Your problem stems from the notion that they will play by the rules.
They won't. So my point is that you should be fully prepared for the consequences. Stand up and challenge your traffic ticket if that is what you want to do. Just prepare for a stay in jail or worse.

Not everyone can be Spartacus.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Stop blah blah blah....

...and go read the case!

Then come back and blah blah blah... okay?

You don't have to sign it,

You don't have to sign it, but he is offering you a contract. He will let you go home if you promise to take care of the ticket by the date, that's the contract. You can opt to go to jail. I have heard of some signing "Signed under duress, all rights reserved, John Doe". Not sure if that helps at all, but if you are afraid that you are signing away some of your rights, that may help?

If you REALLY want to stop victimless, revenue raising, "crimes", just get 10% of the people that get a ticket to go before the judge and state, "I am here to pay my debt to society, please put me in jail until such debt is paid!" Usually 2 days will cover a ticket amount. Having to jail, feed, and guard, thousands of people each week would PROMPTLY put an end to all of this! Make it COST them instead of PROFIT them!

You presume that jail costs the "SYSTEM" money.

Research prison bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds acceptance bonds. Most are purchased by China to collateralize our unmanageable debt.

The SYSTEM is making a KILLING off of jail. Most prisons are for-profit private corporations. They get on the average $10,000 per day - per head... their GOAL is to have FULL JAILS.

It's the taxpayers and their children who get screwed because all these financial bonanzas are just tacked onto the national debt.

You don't go to a PRISON for

You don't go to a PRISON for a traffic ticket, you would go to a small, local municipal or city jail with limited capacity. The system WOULD grind to a screeching halt if everybody choose to sit out their tickets, and it WOULD END!

It's the same thing.

Sorry I should have said "jails and prisons." The local city jails are also jam packed and the Sheriff's who are not part of the CSPOA but instead on the FED take are tasked with the goal of keeping them full.


when money is created as a compounding

national debt that provides justification for immoral extorted theft called taxation. Putting people in corporate work prisons is a threefer. 1. It increases the false national debt(digitized out of thin air) 2. It tightens control over the debt slaves who are not in prison and those who are in prison are more controlled. 3. It provides profits for the prison slave labor output of the prison corporation. And best of all true ownership and responsibility for the prison corporation can be hidden under several layers of corporate ownership.

What a wonderful Rothschild slave control method. Money a problem hahaha they digitize unlimited quantities in secret any time they wish.


This whole thing is very confusing!

Especially after reading all the comments! I never even received a ticket...so what's the bottom line without all the details? Is it a good idea to sign a ticket or not?

It's designed to confuse you.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. ~ Henry Ford

If it was simple - as in based on common law meaning no injured party - no crime... "Attorneys At Law" wouldn't be making a killing off the people.

I think I will just keep following the traffic laws and hope...

...I will never have to be put in that situation! I do agree about being polite!


If you are coming in cold... you have just entered the rabbit hole... this is not for the faint of heart. Even if you sign and try to write "under duress" or anything on it the cop might just taze you for that LOL... the FACT IS you will be TESTED... if you can't walk the walk then DEFINITELY DON'T talk the talk!

Until you feel CONFIDENT in your knowledge - have back checked, cross checked, side checked, body checked etc.... from MANY sources... just do what you always do.

You have to know this stuff in your soul or it will only get you in trouble... the people training cops nowadays are GUNNING for us.. this was much easier years ago...

This is not for the faint of heart.

Finally you're talking some

Finally you're talking some sense. That was ALL I wanted to hear from you.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Gotcha! Not faint of heart, but...

...not going to do ANYTHING that I am not completely well informed about! That just wouldn't be wise!