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Material to show friends on left still brain-washed about Obama

Especially in states like California & New York, which are heavy left-leaning (either Democrat registered or Independent) - disenchanted about loss of civil liberties, endless wars, bank bailouts - yet STILL brainwashed about Obama:

Here are couple of very useful pieces of information you can show them to convince about SERIOUSness of situation we're faced with. Just couple of weeks ago, a somewhat "educated/reasonable/intellectual" friend argued with me that:

* Left-Right divide is STILL valid
* Resistant to even investigate President Paul due to letter R
* Keeps insisting distinct differences between 2 big parties

Yet, this same person is unhappy about big bank bailouts & wishes they had been forced to go bankrupt. I kept pointing him to root of evil Federal Reserve, but still resistant to believe Democrat parties part of criminal charade.

Since in states such as California/New York, we rely on bringing over many people on left to our cause within short time-span, I found following 2 effective materials. If it's possible, pls help embed both videos & front-page.

DISCLAIMER: The second video has a LOT of foul, angry language - but within the context I feel is justified. Most of left-leaning people aren't deterred by such anyway, unlike Evangelical audience. Also, note that the second video has bunch of ultra-socialist leanings from monetary/economic perspective. It's heavily anti-war & for sane foreign policy, but advocating big government socialism for more welfare. Ignoring that aspect, it is still very POWERFUL to make people brainwashed about Obama aware of the deceit.



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Gold coins

Make quite an impression and a nice centerpiece to any conversation about property rights and sound money.

Start with sound money and lead into property rights, like the right to own your own labor.


I made this one that might catch those voters:

Obama Versus Reality:

I'm also working on a second one which highlights what Obama's campaign said about gitmo, human rights etc versus what he actually did:
sign the ndaaa
introduce hr 347 (anti-protest bill)
kill an american citizen abroad who hadn't been found guilty.
ask the Yemeni government to keep a journalist in jail.

This was posted the other day

on what is really in the healthcare bill and on what page.


An Alex Jones film? No.

Two long, long videos made by no-name groups?

No. No. No.

Speaking as someone who voted for Obama in 08, that is not the material that you want to use.

Democrat and Independent voters are best persuaded by their own research efforts. Give them some news stories and Wikipedia links and let them go.

If you want to see the way to speak with them, look at this thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/225898/the-ascendence-of-sociopaths...

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments


Don't even tell him. To be lied to all his life, as he has allowed, will shatter his entire reality.

Democratic Party really being the party of Israel and war, as is in their own platform & they will certainly always want government overreach.

Show him something that's actually eye opening...

Get him to slowly consider Big Government isn't the answer, using something like the School system. Be light on it. If he can figure that out, his party will likely try to kick him out, but he can still wear the label & join the movement of the R3VOLUTION.

There's so many thousands of ex-democrats who flooded in to be Blue Republicans, & who really knows where they'll go...but they for sure chose NOT to stay there.

How is it helpful??

You have to walk a really fine line, because we don't need anymore socialists and it sounds like you encouraged him to promote government welfare + corporate subsidies.

How is it going to be helpful to him to wake up now??

He will discover the entire Democratic Party is corrupt, and always been the party of WAR. That will shatter his world.

If he doesn't leave that thing behind entirely which many do...

"we don't need anymore

"we don't need anymore socialists"


We do or do NOT need more votes to win primaries in states such as New York or California for President Paul to win nomination? You do NOT need independents or registered democrats to vote for President Paul in general election in November, because they're SOCIALISTS?!

I'm one of the people who voted for Obama in 2008. I was caught in Hillary Clinton-Obama anti-war deception. And I realized the deception moment I saw bank bailouts, Bernanke running the show, was disgusted & abandoned the circus.

According to you, I'm "SOCIALIST"?!?! According to you, you wouldn't have WANTED me to register R, evangelize more people & vote for President Paul?!?! Are you advocating for maintaining an "exclusive secret society fan club"?

"it sounds like you encouraged him to promote government welfare + corporate subsidies"


How? I disclaim the second film contains parts about welfare state. But nothing about what I specifically told **that guy**. All I did is try to shatter his world that Democrats going back to Clinton-Carter-Lyndon Johnson-FDR-Woodrow Wilson have been part of the problem. And force him to abandon his obsession with the letter "D". By doing that I forced him to start asking questions, go back to founding fathers, Constitutional Convention which would inevitably bring him to President Paul.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Yeah I'll agree with that....

But anything that is giving over to the Federal Government like that is still a socialist policy.

Think real carefully....why do the socialists make all the rules for bigger government?

How does bigger government benefit any of them, in the end?

Use these key points. Get him to understand that big government is the problem, the solution is likely small government when it gets this bad.