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Mob the Today Show!

Thats right, wouldnt it be great if we could mob the Today Show with Ron Paul signs? Have them ring the area where Al speaks so there is no way to exclude them from a camera shot.
But you say they wouldnt let that happen?
Well heres the answer: Lots of people show up and ring the place with their own signs that say whatever, at an appointed time, they all turn them around, or in the case of having two layers, inside out(this is probably better). Suddenly out of nowhere, Ron Paul just got free advertising to millions of people around the US and they just might need to stop and talk to some of the people and ask them whats going on.
This is definitely something that would get peoples attention.

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Just bumping this. If you

Just bumping this. If you live in NY, would be great to do this.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Flood the airwaves and the convention halls.....

Perfect idea!!

If you do this,

have some very visible ones include some pithy policy item. Not just about bringing home the troops, but also something about bringing jobs home or ending dependence on foreign oil. Choose wisely.

Assignment NY activist

if you accept this challenge, get RP signs on the Today show!

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