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Politico: How Romney may try to pull Paul into the fold

From Martin and Epstein, Politico
(see page 3)

Ron Paul

One of the most fascinating subtexts of the GOP primary has been the de facto non-aggression pact between Paul and Romney. While Paul has taken a few swipes at the former Massachusetts governor, they were mild compared with his all-out assault on the other Republicans in the race.

Romney officials hope this era of good feeling continues into the fall and that the libertarian-leaning congressman doesn’t run as a third-party candidate or exhort his loyal followers to abandon the GOP.

This can partly be done by Romney continuing to show the septuagenarian the respect he’s offered during the campaign. But Paul has at least two other interests: the ambitions of his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and the fate of his agenda. The first can be taken care of with a convention role. The latter is more delicate.

“It’s not a quid pro quo thing, but [Paul] should know that the issues he raised in the primary, especially on monetary reform, will get attention,” said Bell. “Romney should make clear he’s open to looking at different options at the Fed.”

The other issue with Paul: how to tame his youthful supporters, few of which have any allegiance to the GOP.

Romney officials will have to spend some time and money in the next months minding state Republican conventions to ensure that the actual delegates elected to be on the floor in Tampa are truly loyal to him.

“You don’t want to have closet Ron Paul delegates there,” Donatelli said. “We had to spend at least a half-million dollars after John McCain was the presumptive candidate on state convention stuff just to make sure real McCain people were elected as delegates.”

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Hey kevinkervick , your a

Hey kevinkervick , your a freaking TROLL . How dare you come here on our Ron Paul Forums and attempt to make trouble between us . You Trolls cannot nail Dr. Paul on ONE scandalous situation so you idoits play the ' infiltrate , divide and destroy ' tactic . Well it's not going to work . The Ron Paul supporters are stronger and more powerful then you idoits Can Ever Imagine ! You better get the heak out of this and stand aside , because the days of your Rule are Over !

What the article says, in two words:


Forget the good doc for a moment.

What does it say about a "presumptive nominee" if he basically has to win over nearly every definable constituency in the party? It means hes been forced down the throat of the party. It means he's in trouble.

The only reason Paul

The only reason Paul "attacked" the other candidates is because they attacked him first. Romney has never spoken a bad word about Dr. Paul, and he respects that and treats him the same.

Why is this so hard to understand?

So you've fallen for Romney.

The other candidates never attacked Paul and still never did much after the Paul ads on them. You know very well that Romney has been vicious to Paul and been the most vicious to Paul, but you are ok with that due to his elite status versus a conservative. Media represents Romney and media attacks Paul. Romney mocked Paul numerous times in the 08 campaign and called Paul 'dangerous' last Dec along with saying he would never get the gop nomination.

Regardless, you shouldn't compete with a person just because they compete with you and not compete with those that do not compete with you, like you believe Romney hasn't been competing with Paul. No respect or 'love' from Romney to Paul - and it is wicked for you to beleive that about Romney.


i'm not a romney supporter,

i'm not a romney supporter, far from it. i just don't get into conspiracies at the drop of the hat and attack fellow DP'ers in the process, either.

"vicious"? that's pretty harsh. i honestly can't think of one instance in this campaign where romney has degraded paul, or has even said a cross word about him.

on the other hand, gingrich, santorum, cain, bachmann, and perry all went on the offensive in debating dr. paul. they were met with pretty harsh commercials that exposed them for what they were.

i agree there hasn't been much "exposing" of romney, but i sincerely believe the campaign is waiting for a more opportune time to do so.

provide your evidence

list what newt, perry, etc... have said of paul. and neither cain or bachman had any harsh commercials.

when you are in a race, you don't put politics over policy. so you expose based on policy, not on who likes whom. so you're saying don't go after romney because you wickedly say he has never attacked paul and has been respect. so as along as someone who is an elite and shows fake respect in your eyes means they get a pass. you don't have a healthy competitive race mentality.

yes, you just want to wait and wait and wait to do anything with romney go give him time to get away just as bush did not go after bin laden till he had ample time to run and get away.


RP supporters are not getting the warning sign from this article

This article is being crystal clear, if you haven't already figured this out months ago, that Romney courted Paul, not out of any real respect or 'like', but to use that relationshp to put politics over policy so that Paul and his followers agree to stay in GOP due to their 'like' of Romney and thinking he is better than the rest.

Romney will say ok to some small stupid audit, which paul followers will think is so kind and sweet of the deceitful Romney and will want to stick only to Romney.


Don't you think RP knows that

Don't you think RP knows that Romney is full of sh**? He can do more harm than Romney can to us running 3rd party.

Remember it was Santorum who

Remember it was Santorum who started the rumor there was some kind of pact. Now it has stuck for no reason whatsoever.


Still in the business of kicking candidates out of the race, are we?

This is a very creepy statement:

“We had to spend at least a half-million dollars after John McCain was the presumptive candidate on state convention stuff just to make sure real McCain people were elected as delegates.”

What did they do BUY the delegates? Stay alert. Also, somehow we have to figure out how to help our delegates get to Atlanta. I don't have the answer to this one...........

~Your perception becomes your reality~

jeffjeffjeff's picture

Or rather who did they pay to

Or rather who did they pay to threaten these people into submission? Albeit Romney supporters are probably a lot easier to persuade than those who support Ron Paul.


I was just wondering the same thing.

Humans for Ron Paul !

I would like to know too

Are they paying delegates for their votes? Is that legal? One thing for sure, Ron Paul delegates can't be bought!


A good friend of mine in PA (he went in 2008 as an alternate) said that there was a huge group of bikers at the convention, intimidating people.

You just hear so much.

My guess is that they probably did background checks and found people vulnerable because of debt/money or something in their past.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

Good luck getting support for Romney from the R3volution..

From day one, this race has been fought over how it would be that the 70% of GOP voters that won't vote for Romney will distribute their votes and whether or not any of the other candidates could come up with more than Romney's 30%. Romney is running out of opponents to dilute and fractionalize the remaining 70%.

Good luck getting Paul and Paul's supporters to back Romney...THAT will never happen.

The contrast between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul could not be greater.

Mitt Romney has consistantly sacrificed his principles for political gain. Ron Paul has consistantly sacrificed political gain in deference to his principles.

Unlike Romney, Santorum and Gingrich tried to promote some phantom quality of consistency to their careers which the press allowed them to promote so as to distinguish themselves from Romney's overt practices of selling out.

Since it was Gingrich and Santorum were media darlings, it was up to Paul's campaign to expend effort exposing Gingrich's and Santorum's consistancy for what it has really been: Serial Hypocrisy.

With the press still continuing to suppress the truth about the actual alliances of delegates, which Gingrich has virtually none, Paul most certainly will be turning to expose the true positions surrounding Romney's career and campaign which will still not gain 1144 before the convention dispite the exit of Santorum.

The fact remains that a significant majority, which collectively had not been in the hands of Mitt Romney but instead distributed among his opponents, STILL is not backing Romney.

As we have seen other candidates implode along the way, Mitt Romney himself hasn't knocked a single candidate out of this race yet. Instead it has been Paul who has displayed himself as a more viable alternative among the alternatives to Romney and Paul who caused those candidates to buckle under Paul's staying power

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

true dat...

the only way I'd ever consider casting a vote for Romney is under a Paul/Romney ticket.

I read the title of the article

and I swear I heard hissing...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Romney cannot be trusted

There can be no deal here when it is well known than Mitt Romney is an agent for Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Wall-Street Militarist-Globalist-Police-Statist-Warmongering.

Whatever the hell Romney may "promise" or deal with Ron Paul could not ever be trusted. His Cabinet will be stacked with CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Wall-Street insiders who will rigorously defend the Federal Reserve and the international Rothschilds Banking Empire no matter what phony words may come out of Romney's mouth.

Simply put, there can be no deal.

We're dealing with the man who has literally stolen votes and cheated his way to victory with unlimited Wall-Street money, and criminal-thug tactics.

This discussion should end.

3rd party is the issue that Romney has

Romney's biggest fear (along with Obama) is a 3rd party. And the article states as others have done like Ralph Nader that as long as Romney keeps up his pretenses of a chummy chummy relationship and offers paul and his followers false flattery, Paul will not go 3rd party and will compliment Romney on some phony fed compromise (that most everyone knows is a joke) so that paul and his followers remain and fold into Romney-GOP.

That is the whole point of the Romney friendship that he courted with Paul since 2008. Hence, there is no friendship but simply wanting to destroy someone and their movement and credibility.


I hope Ron Paul is smarter than that...

He should be going after Romney as hard as Perry, Gingrich, etc.

In fact, he should be saying this Romney's nomination is illegitimate -- due to election theft and fraud.

Let's make Romney spend more than half a million

...tending to his state conventions. He could spend $20 million but he'll still have to deal with at least a few hundred dissenting delegates.

"The other issue with Paul:

"The other issue with Paul: how to tame his youthful supporters, few of which have any allegiance to the GOP."

...and they might just find out that life long GOP supporters are no longer tame either! The Truth of Liberty has set many free from the "Party", I being one of them! Unfortunately I was loyal for 30 years before I relized the lies of the media, fox, and talk radio, and the GOP establishment... Thank you Ron Paul for speaking the truth!

I am only a 15 year vet of the Repub party

But my father and his wife(both late 60's) voted for Ron Paul. They can't stand where the GOP has gone. Both have been establishment voters for a long time. They both abstained from voting last election due to their dislike of McCain. I was very proud to see both of them support Paul...I had to overcome their thought process that there was no chance he could win(we are in Maryland), but they eventually did and both were so proud to tell me that they did vote for him. I think it was the first time they have felt happy about voting.

Anyhow, we are all not ONLY youthful supporter... my pops and I won't stand for Romney or any persuasions, we would rather go toe to toe with them any day of the week, anywhere. The gig is up..even for the older generation, we got them on their heels.


I'm not young. I registered R at the age of 18 and I'm 53. I didn't leave the GOP, they left me. If the GOP focuses on the Ron Paul Youthful supporters, they will leave a whole lot of RP fans out of the tent. Good luck winning without us.

Im only 4 years behind you :)

Im only 4 years behind you :) Yes, we need to take the GOP back!

If they had to spend a half a million dollars...

to make sure that Ron Paul people were not elected delegates to the National Convention four years ago, how much will they be spending to shut out RP people from delegate spots this time around?

Get ready for some ugly state and district conventions in caucus states.

Minnesota Mary

Yeah no offense, but these people are Dumb....

Hahahahaha, they think we got all trained and riled up all over the place just to sell out our principles???

Pfft.....Hahahahahahaha what a hoot show!!

Rand Paul is YOU, he is ME

Ron Paul is the same way.

Now would any of you sell out your country for some shiny silver doubloons & million dollar mansion just so the joke called the Fed could make all the rules & collapse the deck?

Here's my main answer: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my third answer.....this will test every one who's in this thing, to the limit....

And the next answer is....
DOUBLE HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.shtfplan.com/precious-metals/federal-reserve-admi...

We're talking about the end of the whole scam, or this country. One or the other. No deals.

Do you think Rand Paul cares about a Benjamin Fulford or David Duchovny in the sky?

HA HA HA HA HA HA, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like none of us do.

We're here to get the banks OUT, OUT, OUT...
We'll go easy on you if you let it slide...
If you don't let it slide, we'll go extra hard with the prison sentences.

Sickening. I do hope Liberty

Sickening. I do hope Liberty cannot be bought out.