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UPDATE: I'M Voting for Ron Paul in TAMPA!

I got elected to the RNC delegation in TAMPA from CO CD7 last night!!! RP folks got the majority of the delegates/alternates (and one of the spot went to Pete Coors - who is a shoe-in).

Out 6 available positions: RP = 4, Santorum = 1, Romney = 1 (coors).
My next jobs are to: Vote for the RP slate at the State convention this SAT, and sign wave for CD 1-6 today.

WE ARE WINNING! (but please keep the prayers going so we can knock it out of the park today and tomorrow)

I'm told that IF (big IF) we can get all of our Delegates and Alternates to the Congressional & State (Colorado) Assemblies - tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday - we can WIN Colorado.

ACTION ITEM: If you are a Delegate, or Alternate (super important now that Frothy is out)...
PLEASE SHOW UP TO YOUR ASSEMBLIES TO VOTE. If you are an alternate, you are almost guaranteed to be seated as a delegate, just show up!

If we can get our people there - I'll be going to TAMPA! And I promise you, I'll fight harder than ever to get RP the Nomination.

Ping me if you need info!
Veterans for Ron Paul (V4P)

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Try not to call him "Frothy" any more. I hate it too lol but we need to bring people over from his side to ours.


Best of Ron Paul.



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This is the news I like to

This is the news I like to hear. But I need clarification on one thing. You said we got 4/6 delegate alternative slots, but this is how I thought it went:


1 Paul
1 Santorum (persuadable)
1 Romney


2 Paul
1 Uncommitted (may lean Paul)

That would give us 3 slots for sure but only maybe 4, and potentially 5 if we can persuade the Santorum delegate.



Good luck and keep fighting. Yes, i will keep praying for you fighters!

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

YEA!!! I can't tell you how much I love reading stories like

this - there is so much negative with the media, politicians who won't step up and endorse, etc. It is really uplifting to know WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Congratulations!

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Does anyone

know if I'm allowed to watch the proceedings? I'm not a delegate, but I'd like to go and moniter/watch the goings on, just to learn the process better.



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Bump bump bump

Bump bump bump bump

+ Follow the Cooperative principle
+ Civility first
+ Constructive comments

Liberty bump! Y'all gotta get out there and caucus at any cost!

Delegates AND ALL ALTERNATES: Do whatever it takes! Please!!


I'll be there.

You can count on it. Both the District and the State.


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More Detailed

Information here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMfjPHH82O8&feature=colike

Note: Look at the description box (especially at the now UNPLEDGED number) 64%!!
Gee, I wonder why someone would not pledge a Candidate outright?

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