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Change The Party From Within

The Ron Paul Revolution Is Transforming the GOP

I would suggest that the two Ron Paul GOP presidential nomination campaigns in 2008 and 2012 have brought more to the American ranks of the liberty movement than all the presidential campaigns of the LP and all the funding of free-market think tanks during the entire period.

All of this changed with Ron Paul’s 2008 GOP presidential campaign when hundreds of thousands of young people flooded into the Republican Party. The establishment ignored his candidacy, made fun of his freedom message and utilized the usual bag of dirty tricks in order to limit his support all to no avail. Again in 2011 and 2012, his vote totals more than doubled and freedom advocates are beginning to take over local party organizations.

With Paul running as a Republican, the party neocon leadership have been unable to stop the momentum of the Ron Paul Revolution especially involving young people. We have outraged the establishment by using their very party institutions, the debates etc. designed to marginalize us and other threats to their continued control and party domination as liberty vehicles to promote our movement and the Paul campaign.

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Yes, the only way to win

Become the GOP, take back the GOP, use the system against itself, get involved locally.

All other ideas cannot work as the system is rigged against them.

This is 100% CORRECT


Ron Paul Republicans are THE FUTURE!!!!

Fabulous Post


; )

Thanks Bear!

I was checking out all the

posts this morning and saw alot 3rd party posts and was so glad to see your countervoice! Yes, Liberty is reclaiming the GOP! I may not have jumped 3rd party to find Dr. Paul, but since he was running with the GOP it was an easier transition for me as I began to wake up. Hopefully he will continue to have the same impact on more and more in the party and out. It is exciting to hear of Ron Paul supporters moving into GOP positions as well!


I have been a "republican" my whole voting life and was thinking 3rd party may be the way to go. This article makes sense and Ron Paul doesn't want to run 3rd party anyway. Rand would make a great VP and Ron could do some real good in a cabinet position.

You do realize what you are

You do realize what you are saying, don't you? Are you saying that is a good idea for Paul to work for a warmonger, drug warrior, and proud continuing defender of TARP?


I would rather work for or against them rather than being their slaves, as we are now. We can and will beat them at their own wicked game.

You only work with them if it

You only work with them if it is from a position of strength not weakness. For example, if Romney is willing to give Paul full authority to set policy as Secretary of State or Attorney General, you might have a point.


But soon they will be working for we the people. After we gain our power back we will have to be vigilant for ever.

I'm still believing

for a miracle! Ron Paul a GOP President!

We all are.

For nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.