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Ron Paul Coulda Been a Contender; Campaign Blew it

This all suggests to me that there most definitely has been a shift in thinking over the past two years which has not been seized upon. Americans are tired of the unending war and the constant drumbeat of foreign threats, a sentiment that was captured by Ron Paul, but his poorly run campaign failed to capitalize sufficiently on the issue while becoming snared in obfuscatory and eminently confusing debates about entitlements programs, the Fed, and Austrian economics. Paul could have won in Virginia, where he was head-to-head with Romney, and become a genuine contender but his advisers instead ignored the primary and chose to put their resources into caucus states. The opportunity to turn this ship around has been lost and it may not return as both Obama and Romney are wedded to the status quo in every sense and we will surely wind up with one or the other, the usual American dilemma.


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Oh Come on Guys

Stop this blame game will you.

I my self have wondered if the people running his campaign could do a better job. Notice I said could, and not could have. It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

It's not the campaign. It's the men behind the curtain that control everything that do not want RP to win.

Got news for you, this is not a campaign, it's not an election, it's a revolution and it's only begun.

Ron made it clear every chance he got that this was never about him, It was always about the message. How can we look at the crowds he is drawing and think this is over?

This movement is not a snow ball rolling down a hill, it's an avalanche and it's going to consume everything in it path.

There is something in the air, and its not chemtrials, the energy is electric, can't you feel it? It is a major shift in the concious collective minds of the masses and it is global. That's how it happens.

Ron Paul lite the spark.

Love an peace to you all my brothers and sisters

You dismiss the key issues

Entitlements, FED, and Austrian Economics are the key issues. If he wanted to run as an anti-war candidate but did not care as much about the other three, then he would be Dennis Kucinich. If I thought Paul was an anti-war liberal I would not have decided to support him. It was the fact that he has such a coherent position on the other three that I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt on foreign policy.


Stu, please stfu.

Is it the campaign's fault that the media drug out the old, tired Non-Racist Non-Newsletters?

Is it the campaign's fault that the media blatently LIES about Ron Paul?

Is it the campaign's fault that the media IGNORES Ron Paul?

Is it the campaign's fault that the GOP is stealing votes and delegates from him?

Is it the campaign's fault that the entire ELITE MACHINE is up against them?

Dude, do us a favor and just STFU.

If you so say Thanks for your

If you so say

Thanks for your civility brother

NOPE....RON Paul is the

NOPE....RON Paul is the winner.....the ELECTION rigging is the problem!

Three Words...MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

Ron Paul doesn't have it...the others do. Santorum didn't, but I don't give his campaign any credit for his overnight success. He went door to door with a message of religion, family values and more religion. A lot of people like that. A lot of people think that Obama is against all of that. Ron Paul's message is a dose of medicine. It's hard to take no matter how strong the cure. The message of liberty and freedom has broken through the equilibrium point...regardless of how far Ron Paul goes this campaign season.

To all Ron Paul supporters everywhere:

A message from General George Washington.

Hind sight is always 20/20

There have certainly been some mistakes but for the most part I think the campaign made the decisions they thought were best.

The 2 glaring mistakes that I see and have been the most frustrated with are...

1) skipping VA. It seemed obvious to me that winning was a long shot, but VA presented a unique opportunity to turn this race around but they skipped it. I still don't get that one.

2) Making enemies with the Media - I hate most of them too, but I feel that Ron could have won them over. He should have been 3 main stream shows per day at least. Boycotting Rush and Hannity hurt Ron more than them, he should have never refused an opportunity to go on those shows and should have refuted their challenges in a friendly way like only he can do and he would have won way more listeners than not showing up at all.

I would add to that

3) Leaving the campaign trail 4 days out of the week. Whenever Ron was on the trail he had big crowds and good local media. But the campaign mysteriously kept him home in Texas at critical points like right before and after Iowa. Presidential candidates who want to win are on the trail everyday at 3-6 events a day. Not 3 rallies a week. They do radio shows and fundraising calls from their car, not from their living room. Not only did this limit the number of people he could reach, but it was a red flag to the media that he was not running a "real" campaign.


The purpose of campaigning is to gain free media, which is almost always better than paid media.

If you really want to be President, you have to do more than three rallies in front of non-voting college kids a week.

If this were a real campaign, RP would be booked solid in Pennsylvania 4/13 thru 4/22. If he were, he'd likely gain approx. 40 of 59 delegates.


Just maybe the campaign faced the facts that they would NEVER be able to openly win anything. That the entire takeover would be subversive, behind the bushes, on the grassy knoll.

St. Charles and Missouri is a perfect example. PERFECT. He took the state entirely, but only received 12%. Didn't you get it with IOWA? That if he won it wouldn't matter, and then a similar rhetoric with NH? And how they blew up Romney's win like a Goodyear and paraded it around the nation like he was a savior? Meanwhile, sub rosa the Paul campaign was filling the important spots. Spending money on educating people how to take over a party, how to make them eat their own rules.

I would love a victory. California and TX seem essential IF we really will win the nomination. I admit, i wold like to see some thngs done better. To MY liking. But then again, I have never run for office. So I can't be a backseat QB. If i were running, i would be 1-4 million in debt, and still losing (hint, hint). We are not. Bless it. Bless Paul, and look at the example he is setting. The Phoenix is rising again, whether he wins or loses, the state of American politics will be different from here on out.

Ask yourself this sometime, "What if there were no Ron Paul?"

If there is really rampant fraud

then the campaign needed to expose it.

Things certainly seem fishy at times, but how many times do you need to get ripped off before you start to prepare yourself.

We have an army RP supporters, yet the campaign doesn't have anyone in each precinct to oversee the vote counts?

Well said


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Without grassroots support, the official Campaign

Without grassroots support, the official Campaign would be like the other campaigns where they have to hire supporters.

States where successes occur, occur because of grassroots supporters taking up their task in the campaign for Ron Paul.

Hat tip to those that are making things happen, big and small!

Free includes debt-free!

Jesse Benton

is the snake in this campaign. Enough said.

Did you mean Snape?

But Dumbledore trusts Snape.

Free includes debt-free!

America hates crybabies

even though they might have reason to cry. If the campaign had taken issue with every under handed tactic that has been utilized there would have been, no doubt, some type of trap laid which would have discredited the campaign. Dr. Paul has been in politics much longer than any of us and I, for one, trust his judgement implicitly. Strength through adversity is
an admirable quality.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Once again I agree

They have dropped the ball on so many levels. I think the most damaging way is that his conservative message seems to be tailored to sound liberal so as to appeal to the left. I never understood the appeal of drawing in liberals to a conservative race. It's almost like he is running for the general election before he even secured the conservative nomination. It's borderline idiocy.

And you are right that Virginia was a big test that he failed miserably. At times I wonder about his decision making ability but I still think it is better than the rest of the candidates. For now anyway.

The Official Campaign will never say the grassroots

The Official Campaign will never say the grassroots failed to materialize in this or that State. That's not productive.

The Official campaign can only aid a abet a State's grassroots efforts if it appears. But even then, each State is on it's own and should count on it.

If we want liberty, we have to stand for liberty as individuals. No one can do it for us.

But it doesn't have to be on the State Level. Precinct, County and District all need people to take a stand for liberty, and if they have the skill to speak out.

Be Free, Leave Free, Invite.

Free includes debt-free!

Sadly I agree with you

It seemed like sometimes they forgot this was a conservative contest. I'm not saying anyone should change views, but sometimes it seemed like they would go out of the way to contradict the very people they needed to win this nomination. It would have been better to downplay some of those issues and then let them rip in the general election where some on the left could have helped!

And ever since I learned VA was going to Ron vs Mitt I've said that should be the last stand. A win there would have turned this whole thing on its head, but the campaign folded and gave up there. It would have been our best shot to win the nomination.

Beginning in Iowa,

the Paul team let his campaign get kicked around by the GOP. Learning nothing from the 2008 campaign, they should have been ready for some underhanded tactics to side track Paul. He probably won Iowa, and they conveniently pushed him back to 3rd place, right where they wanted him. Can you imagine how a Paul win in Iowa would have reshaped the race? The Paul team acted as if they didn't have a clue that cheating could happen. Water under the bridge. And the GOP has continued this, since it's been so easy for them (i.e. Maine, Nevada, Louisiana) The Paul campaign team has shown up at a gunfight with a knife. At least Paul is still standing. Maybe the "Little Engine that Could" style of campaign will win out. Stranger things have happened. I'll be donating for the cause anyway.

alan laney


The Iowa GOP head resigned and the new one is a Ron Paul supporter. Liberty is retaking the GOP. Go Ron Paul. Go Liberty!

All thanks and credit goes to the

grassroots people in Iowa.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Stop listening to television news

You are thinking the way THEY want you to think.

The campaign has planned the work and now is working the plan

I believe the campaign has planned their work and now is working their plan. We need to hang tight and continue to pick up delegates. I don't know how anyone thinks a 3rd party is going to get any media coverage. That is where the disadvantage is...the coverage and I'm not sure what can be done about that until we get this ship turned around. Anyways Liberty is retaking the GOP!!! Go Ron Paul! Yeah for the St. Charles Caucus last night!!!

I'm not that impressed with the

official campaign either.

But you need to clarify what you mean by "winning".

A lot of opportunities were lost and a lot of votes
simply stolen. But in terms of promoting the ideals
of liberty and motivating people I'd say definite

I would not write off the prospects of a serious third
party effort either.

It is not, as the ancient sage observed, over til it's over..