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Common Ground with President Obama's followers?

We all know that the best way to influence someone is to find common ground and working from their demonstrate that what they want is really aligned with the direction you are leading them. Thankfully, I have found common ground with those who follow President Obama. Since it happens so rarely I thought I would share it with the Daily Paul audience.

The President has been repeating his call for the "Buffett Rule" recently. In this effort he explains the appalling scenario in which common people in the 99% are paying much higher marginal tax rates that the wealthiest Americans. I think all of would agree that those who benefit most from the structure of our society should contribute to the expense of running the society. We all agree they should pay their “fair share”, so that much is common ground. Of course the real question is how much is a fair share.

A liberty-minded, politically-motivated person (better known as a Ron Paul supporter) might be tempted to explain that Obama has overlooked a few facts. We might discuss the fact that nearly half of all American’s pay nothing (or less) toward the support of the federal government. An educated economist that has understood the Austrian model might explain the virtues of smaller government. We might argue that low taxes on the rich enables them to invest and it is investment and investment alone which improves the living standards of a society. It is impossible to consume your way to prosperity.

These arguments are likely to get a predictable response from your associates. Are you supporting the “failed and unfair Republican policies” which favor the 1%? It might be more effective to simple agree with them. Perhaps we should simply say, “I agree with you. The high rate of taxes on the middle class are unfair.” At this point I would ask them “What portion of your income do you think you should pay to support the beneficiaries of federal programs?” Then I would say,

“We should pass a new Buffett rule. No one should have to pay more than Warren Buffett. Federal taxes should be reduced for everyone to the marginal rate he is paying today – which is about 15%.”

I don’t see why the Republican’s permit themselves to be painted as the protectors of the rich when their best candidate has already explained how to be the protector of all. Let’s follow Ron Paul’s lead toward lower taxes and more opportunity for everyone.

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The line about "half of Americans don't pay taxes to the federal

government" always irks me. Payroll taxes (SS and Medicare) go into the same government trough that holds income taxes. There is no "lockbox" or dedicated account for those funds - they are loaned to the Treasury and spent as fast (if not faster) than they are collected. You have no legally enforceable rights to benefits as a result of your "contributions".

Fomenting division and enmity between the classes only profits the powers that be. We should be united and demand smaller government and lower taxes for everyone.

There's one candidate who supports that.

Ron Paul 2012

Good Point

I'll agree that point is an appropriate criticism of the argument. I hope you realize I am not using that argument. I am only suggesting that the knee-jerk reaction traditional conservatives make to Obama's proposal often uses that argument and that argument only seperates us making it harder to convince them.

Oh, you got that right....

If we didn't have it at all and had an excise tax, we would all be keeping the system afloat.

Here's the commercial ad that the leftist mainstream corporate news doesn't want you to see for some reason.

And here's why Gold & Silver will make their return

The only constitutionally

The only constitutionally fair income tax rate is 0%.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I would agree that income

I would agree that income taxes should be lowered for all who pay as a step toward the removal of the immoral system, calling for this Buffet Rule could be used as a justification to make a 15% flat tax for all, even those who pay little to no income taxes at present.

I agree that the system favors the 1% at the top, but fiddling with the tax system is not a principled approach to policy making, which is ironic since your username is Principled.

Principles vs logical tactics to an end

I didn't give up my principles in arguing for lower taxes any more than Ron Paul did by suggesting he would only cut the budget by $1 Trillion in year one. Teaching someone to stop supporting government confiscation of people's wealth is not a one-conversation event. This is a step in a much longer process. I am only trying to help them start to see our point of view - by starting from their complaint: the tax system as it is today is unfair. Can you agree with that?

Of course we can each agree with that....

As long as government gets smaller, and we start at the state level & consider excise taxes versus an Income Tax...I'll sure we'll be fine.

What is the real purpose behind having this mysterious income tax?

Can we not support other nations using local taxes...Its such a novel idea. Taking in the formula, one bite at a time.

Common Ground

The point is not that Ron Paul likes taxes. The point is that Obama supporters like taxes but only on other people. Of course 0% would be better then 15%, but no Obama supporter will grant that idea as good on principle. To get them started on the road to liberty they have to take a small step. That step is to start thinking lower not higher taxes.

Obama is pursuing the idea that since the tax system is unfair rich folks should pay more. We need his supporters to start thinking that since the system is unfair everyone should pay less.


try to keep up...lol

Yes, but I don't care that Obama sounds exactly like Ron Paul...

Because the sole problem is, we don't need an income tax at all!

(The secret is in state government excise taxes, aka sales tax....not federal.)

first thing you have to understand

is the difference between those who earned their 1% status (Steve Jobs)and those who game the system (Warren Buffet aka "the oracle")

secondly, I will quote Steve Forbes on the economy "Obama could have gone into office and done nothing, and he would have been a genius"

this is what I want from our leadership...stop tinkering with the economy.

... but Ron Paul wants to

... but Ron Paul wants to abolish the income tax?

0% for all

You'd think Americans

would be voting for Ron Paul on that stance alone!!! I sure am ready to enjoy ALL the fruits of my labor!