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Strip searching driving violations

I've not seen any comments yet on any forums or news sites I visit revealing what will undoubtedly take place soon: those stopped for simple traffic violations will be hauled off and strip searched. This means the low-lifes being hired as "law enforcement" much like the TSA personnel will be stopping young, good looking ladies and hauling them off to strip and ogle. Do you see it coming???

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Such activity

would be severely counterproductive to Officer Safety.

yes, I see it coming - law enforcement on all levels have been

given carte blanche by SCOTUS. What troubles me more is the effort to eliminate the Sheriffs (Beau Biden in Delaware for starters). Looks to me like the plan is to have ICE, FBI, DEA, TSA/Homeland Security, etc. police the country and eliminate local control.

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We've seen a recent surge in Sheriffs standing

against Federal encroachment so yeah, I agree.

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