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Ron Paul Tops Latest Poll

It looks like now that Santorum is out the MSM is starting to show Paul on their polls. Out today on Politico.com, Public Policy Polling is showing Ron Paul at 42% to Obama 47%. Romney is 40% to Obama 53% and Gingrich is 37% to Obama 55%.

Even if Santorum was still in this, I believe that Paul still would have come out ahead as we have seen so many times before. I think now the MSM is being forced to include Mr. Paul on their polls as it would not look as good if it was just Mitt and Newt.

Congrats Dr. Paul.

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The Lamestream Media is in the bag for Obama...

Of course we will see more news about Ron Paul now that the media feel secure in knowing that Ron Paul will not be the GOP nominee. The name of the game is "Divide and Conquer."

That's how they hope to re-elect Obama.

Ron Paul is about to get the most coverage he has ever gotten in the upcoming months now that he is not perceived as a real and viable threat to the status quo.

Minnesota Mary

First time Ron has more support than Romney

Not only is the margin closer with Obama, but Ron actually pulls more support than Romney. In all the other polls I've seen, mostly Rasmussen, Ron has a closer margin with Obama because there are more undecideds. I will have to dig in and see if Paul's 42% versus Romney's 40% is due to higher Independent support alone or also due to consolidating Republican support better than Romney.

Outpacing Romney thanks to Men and Hispanics

Ron leads men by 14 points while Romney only ties Obama. Ron leads among Hispanics by 2 points while Romney trails by 15. Paul and Romney lose women by similar margins (23 and 24). Paul trails by 6 among whites while Romney trails by 11.

Paul holds Obama to 85% among Democrats while 93% back him against Romney. Paul and Romney have the same +72% margin among Republicans, though slightly more are undecided with Paul. And Paul of course does much better with Indys, losing them by 11 versus 26 for Romney.

After just passing through IrN & IrK, I'm now in Dubai

And all the msm CNNY, BBC, are saying Romney and Obama likely. Interstingly, those up to date support "The Peace President, Paul.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

That's great. I'm still

That's great. I'm still afraid Santorum gone will give them (them? who?) reason to just call it for Romney. But it looks that isn't what's happening.

I hope Newt drops quickly and Ron can finally put some serious dents in Romney's paper-armor. All he has to do is point them out really, haha.

Ron Paul - the only

Ron Paul - the only Republican candidate that can keep Obama from winning a majority.

The only one in striking distance in Obama.

Ron Paul - Electable
Romney - Unelectable.

This is THE BEST possible

This is THE BEST possible news after St. Charles county! Pls edit original post, let's frontpage this & milk the heck out of this for publicity.

Go President Paul, IT'S ALL OR NOTHING TIME!! This is it, seize the moment all guns blazing. Go after Mittens Flip-Flopper NOW!!!

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Yep, they got to cover him....

Of course there's plenty in the media who are afraid of talking about Gold. That's what its all really boiling down to.

They don't understand to any degree, how the Federal Reserve can be *replaced* in a way that things retain...intrinsic value. Just tossing the criminals away doesn't solve it if we hit hyper inflation. Perhaps, just perhaps...the media is learning Ron Paul's bizarre math logic is actually science that saves us.

When you consider the undecided...

Ron Paul is the only of the three candidates who potentially beats Obama.

And considering the strong support of many democrats and independents for Dr. Paul, he is the only one who will beat Obama.

Ron Paul 2012

I can't find it on Politico.

Can you put the link up?

Politico poll link

I think this is what was mentioned - Colorado...




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The link for Political.com...

The link for Political.com... http://www.politico.com/2012-election/presidential-polls/ I know this was a poll conducted in Colorado but this happens in most State polls. It seems that Public Policy Polling group is one of the more fair polls as well as Rasmussen Reports Polls.

We all know that these polls are very bias anyway so don't get too caught up in them. I say this as some of the media will go out of their way to only poll certain demographics to sway the poll towards one candidate. If you have ever seen the questions they ask it would amaze you. Also notice the small amount of people they poll, 500-1000 on average which is such a small sample.

However, any positive news for Mr. Paul is good news to help people start to think.