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Attack Romney NOW !

I think now is the time to go all out on Romney.
There is nothing more left to lose and there is no point in waiting for anything else.
Show his similarities to Obama.
Tell how Dr.Paul pulls the independents without which the GOP cannot win.
Remind how last time we chose the establishment candidate about whom there was no enthusiasm and he lost to Obama - history will repeat again if we choose Romney.

All focus should be on Romney.

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Truth is never hidden!

President Ron Paul!

I point out at EVERY venue that Romney's biggest contributors...

are the same people that cost you your job, your home and much of your 401K and that these are the same people bailed out by the government.

Why not just quietly point out he's a flat out Democrat.....

.....An AIPAC, Goldman carried liberal Democrat.
Romney endorsed the NDAA, which is dangerous to Israel's own security and the safety of the whole country.

Also he was supportive of this legislation & I heard they congratulated Pelosi:

Only closet commies would be proud of trash like the above....that is REPUGNANT to the Constitution!!!!

This is so very awesome. This is what we need now:

This is so very awesome. This is what we need now:

We need OUR SUPER-PACS to come together and put together THE ULTIMATE RON PAUL vs. Mitt Romney commercial...


A Re-Worked SUPER-BROCHURE: RON PAUL vs. Mitt Romney (...hello, Eric and Curt! :)

So many POSITIVE things are happening here.

Santorum people looking into Ron Paul in seriousness for the first time in so many cases (...they are going to LOVE IT here once they learn more).

Everything changed now. Unbelievable and yet: TRUE :)

Never liked the idea of Super-Pacs but they are there now with it.


How very nice :)

Cheers to all of you and a very warm welcome to newcomers.

Welcome home ♥

Wisdom Strategies

Romney vs Paul

Since Santorum dropped out, I wanted to make a handout that focuses on the only 2 viable candidates for the Republican nomination.

View it here:

or download the high res PDF and TIFF versions here:

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► RAND PAUL 2016:

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This is a critical moment...

...for the national paid staff.

If they DON'T take on Romney hard now, force a response on a debate invitation (for example,) come out with new Romney-ONLY directed attack ads, etc., they will:

1. Add fuel to the "backroom deal" rumor fires...
2. Draw into question whether we, again, really aren't in it to win it (as we CLEARLY AND DEMONSTRABLY were not four years ago.)
3. Re-ignite some of the Masonic rumors (Masonry and Mormonism are structurally and ideologically similar.)

That would be bad.

Keep an eye on them RIGHT NOW, folks. We are at that critical juncture.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


The time is now. Form coalitions. It's us vs him. Let's win some friends and make it us vs Obama. No reason to wait any longer.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Easy as pie....Romney's a double dealing banker...

Apparently Romney is a double dealing banker socialist who has no need for the "little people" at all...only a New World Order.

He's been exposed and undressed quite candidly. The U.K. authorities have threatened him with indictment, and actually now have the arrest powers to *possibly* put him away for longer than a week and a half....but who knows what else. A liar is a thief who must be forced out in an empty clown suit like any of them.

He is certainly....the liberal establishment.
Corrupt to the core, socialist, bought & paid for using phony fake dollars.
In essence there is no conservative bankers.

Now, they're all liberals. In wolf clothing. As Celente says..

Yes, there is nothing to

Yes, there is nothing to lose!


ATTACK him for his agreement on the N.D.A.A.!!!!!!!!!!!Duh!!

That, and economy/electability

Show him to be an economic fraud, and RP to be just as electable, and the election is over. People like him solely because of those two lies.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Yes NOW! NOW! NOW! His jugular is exposed!

Despite what the media tells us, neither Frothy nor Newt ever truly took the gloves off against Romney..they only played the game as "dead ringers" hoping for a nice payday.

They could've destroyed Romney with this video, but didn't:

Now's the time to be bold! CAMPAIGN- play that clip in an ad in Conservative states like Texas and we'll give you a record money bomb to fuel Romney's downfall!

The Truth on Mitt Romney

Here is a bullet list of truth about Mitt Romney on the issues with citations, links and additional resources:

Please add to this exposé if you have additional info.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Mitt Romney - Fortunate Son Protested Against the Anti-War Prote

Mitt Romney - Fortunate Son Protested Against the Anti-War Protesters

I want a President that has served also,a veteran,that is Ron Paul!Not one other candidate has served!So why would I listen to the other candidates that have not fought in any of these wars!How can the American people vote for someone that has NEVER SERVED!???Where is our common sense America??????

Attack him on his policies,

on his flip-flopping, on his cozy relations with corporatists, etc.

Ron Paul vs Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who will serve the cou

Ron Paul vs Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who will serve the country best?

President Ron Paul Only!

Have to watch this video!This guy is good!

New Quiz show - who said this?

Announcer makes a statement about health care mandates. Who said this? Romney or Obama? Show clip of both saying it. Continue with each and every issue from gun control to abortions.

meekandmild's picture

Be a good 60 second


If you are going to attack him on his religion..

Count me out. As I am LDS and I know many who are that support Ron Paul. And if your really trying to stick with that message of true freedom that is religious freedom as well..

If Romney Is Willing To Drag The United States To War...

If Romney Is Willing To Drag The United States To War, continue The New World Order Agenda and all the rest of it, then to me he is as FAR AWAY from being a "Christian" as anyone could ever possibly be, no matter what religion or sect he belongs to.



Wisdom Strategies

That goes the same for anyone running for president.

That was with all the candidates except Ron Paul so what's your point? I don't know why you wouldn't attack him on the issues?

why you wouldn't attack him on the issues?

Answer: Because I am psychic and I knew you would take care of that :)

Wisdom Strategies



We aren't attacking him on his "religion"...

...we would be simply pointing out he is a high priest of a religion that teaches a "Messiah" from their faith will return and rule over America. That has implications beyond any individual's religion.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Foreign policy blasts from the past

Foreign policy blasts from the past

Only President Ron Paul!
When war comes, Dr. Paul can say: “George Washington and I tried to warn you.”

CIA Chief says only Ron Paul has Policy to Defend U.S. - Michael Scheuer - Napolitano (2012-01-18)

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Puts War Profiteers out of Business


Romney Hires G.W. Bush Advisors

Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski
Michael Ruppert gives a lecture of Zbigniew Brzezingski's 1997 book : The Grand Chessboard.



Let the American people know!
Warning: Mitt Romney's Advisers Are George Bush Neocons Calling for War With Iran

The truth is never hidden!

THE REAL MITT ROMNEY - THE WEATHER-VANE CANDIDATE--- A collection of flip-flips and suit changes from the past, present and no doubt the future…

Another site I found!

Michael Chertoff Is Romney Campaign Advisor



Here is a site I found.