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An idea we should all rack our brains around, getting the media to host another debate

Having read lately that quite a few people are suggesting that there should be another debate between what remaining candidates are left in the field. It makes me wonder why there were so many debates clumped together in the first place, and why there aren't any more scheduled debates. Whether or not you like it, the debates give the remaining candidates exposure and media coverage. I am not saying that the mega rallies that Dr Paul is having at the colleges aren't important, but what I am saying is there is huge benefit to having people see his stark contrast to Romney and maybe Newt (if he doesn't drop out soon). Lets face it, older demographics of voters (the bulk of them) only get news from the media, the news on tv and maybe the newspaper. Hardly any of them get news from the internet compared to the younger generation. So it seems to me that we need to force or maybe somehow get the media to think its their idea to host another debate with Paul, Romney, and Gingrich. I also think that if we can somehow air video cilps or even pictures of huge crowds at colleges attending Ron Paul Rallies that maybe the bulb will go off in some peoples head that the news isnt giving all the truth to whats going on in the political landscape.
But anyways, back to the debate issue... If people agree with me, I thinnk we need to come up with some way, whether it be a petition site, or emailing a news organization saying that we desperately need a debate.
I know many people 4-5 months ago weren't even thinking about the 2012 presidential race, and now that many months have passed, many candidates have dropped out.
Isn't it about time to have a real debate for people to see how different Romney and Paul are.
We have the numbers of the young people, maybe we should try to angle the MTV vote project to host a debate for the remaining contenders, including Obama. And then maybe the other news channels will follow suit? You know as soon as Obama is in the debate against the GOP contender, the media will be all over that, as will many supporters of Obama.
There is no time like now to get free exposure and remind the people of the US that Paul is still in this campaign, even though the media will try to convince them otherwise.

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