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Paul/Perot 2012?

I'm still hoping for a miracle and that we can pull off a brokered convention and somehow get the republican nomination.

Regardless of whether we are about to do it as an (R), or if we have to go indy, what do you guys think of a Paul/Perot ticket?

Someone posted Perot's suppossed twitter handle on here a few days ago, RossPerot2012. I'm not sure if its real or not, but he has been squawking a lot about a run this year.

Also, I'm relatively young, so if Perot is some neo-con in disguise, please forgive me, I honestly don't know much about him other than the fact that he ran as an indy a couple times in the 90's.

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hahahaha!!!! Perot! haha!...

First of all, he's like a million years old and has ZERO interest in ever running for office again. Second of all, Perot's message doesn't exactly sync up with ours. Thanks for the laugh, kiddo.

"sometimes I hug the coffee table when no one is looking."

Ross Perot

Predicted this whole economic mess 20 years ago, the crony capitalism, vowed not to get into wars with out a declaration. Also was very much against the de-industrialization of the country and NAFTA and GATT. Too bad he was not elected, we would not have the debt, trade deficit and wars we have now.

Ross Perot is 81 years old.

Lots of people say Ron Paul is too old. I think that would be a factor in getting the majority to vote for that ticket.

I hate these criticisms about a person's age.

I hate these criticisms about a person's age. Once you reach seventy you should no longer be considered for office??? It is especially bothersome considering that Ron Paul is the candidate with the best ideas! People are living longer and longer thanks to advances in diet, medicine, detection, etc...