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Bernanke to Congress: Destruction closer than you think

Even Bernake is admitting that if congress doesn't start cutting spending like Ron Paul has been suggesting... we're doomed.

CNBC Reports:

Warning that our nation's fiscal health has deteriorated appreciably since the onset of the financial crisis and the recession, Bernanke called upon lawmakers to confront the long term fiscal challenges sooner rather than later. If lawmakers don't confront them, they'll find themselves confronted by them.



I realize this was reported in Feb. 2011. The fact that nothing has been done to address his and our concerns makes it even more relevant today.

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SteveMT's picture

HIS destruction is closer than HE thinks!

He just got the subject wrong. The rest is correct.

Honesty for once, that's what

Honesty for once, that's what happens when the Good Doctor gets in your head. Either that or he knows its already too late.

Talk about bipolar!

optimystic's picture

Bernanke agrees with Paul

His comments could have come straight from Dr. Paul.

the Chief enabler has spoken