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REVOLUTION' AT RUDDER Local Media coverage of Ron Paul Videos, Print and Pictures

Front Page of "The Eagle" Bryan/ College Stations only news paper.


Aggies pack auditorium for Ron Paul
By Vimal Patel

A spectator in Rudder Auditorium on Tuesday night might be pardoned for second-guessing the pundits' declarations that the fight for the Republican presidential nomination is all but over, as a lively, overflow crowd of nearly 3,000 rallied for candidate Ron Paul.

A half-hour before the event, the entire bottom floor of the auditorium was packed as a "President Paul!" chant spontaneously erupted. Hundreds sat cross-legged in the halls of the three floors surrounding the auditorium and listened on speakers after they weren't allowed in.

Outside, graduate student Derek Seidel held a "Ron Paul Revolution" banner. "Freedom is popular with youth," he said as a 26-year-old veteran, Jeff Lane of Huntsville, who opposes the United States' wars, collected information nearby for nominating convention delegates.

For $5 a pop, a vendor wearing a "Don't Tread on Me" shirt and raking in too much cash to have a moment to speak with a reporter was hawking Ron Paul campaign pins.

In the Rudder lobby, Frank Dobrovolny, a Class of 2002 Aggie who drove in from Rusk, just south of Tyler, plopped down $130 for Ron Paul bumper stickers, hats, shirts and signs for his wife, two daughters and himself.

"The fight for delegates is still ongoing, and it's real," the attorney said. "The mainstream media ignore him, marginalize him, anything they can to keep the anti-establishment candidate out."

Paul has energized youth as he has pieced together an eclectic coalition of supporters, including those who want to shrink government and reign in America's commitments abroad, especially its wars.

That's primarily why Lane, who served in the Navy during Operation Enduring Freedom, supports Paul, a 12-term congressman and an obstetrician who has delivered more than 4,000 babies.

"In 2008, I liked a lot of things Obama said about pulling out of the wars, but I haven't seen the results," Lane said.

A Republican consensus is emerging around former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- his primary challenger, social conservative Rick Santorum, suspended his campaign Tuesday -- but Paul is pushing ahead. An ad began airing Tuesday in Texas in which an announcer calls Paul a "big, bold Texan."

At A&M, Paul delivered a typical stump speech, in which he voiced his support for abolishing the Federal Reserve, to cheers, and ripped into U.S. military actions made without congressional approval and a federal deficit rising at $1.5 trillion a year and larger than it has ever been.

"The No. 1 problem we have today is we don't have enough people in Washington who took their oath of office seriously to obey the Constitution," said Paul, who represents Texas' 14th congressional district.

He was welcomed by Student Body President Jeff Pickering, who said Paul was the first presidential candidate he voted for.

Last year, after it was announced that Pickering had been elected student body president, Paul's granddaughter -- Texas A&M student Linda Paul -- tugged on his sleeve and told him he'd want to accept the next call. It was Ron Paul, who congratulated Pickering on winning a presidential election.

"Thank you for caring about college students," Pickering said Tuesday.

Paul's visit was sponsored by the Texas A&M chapter of Youth for Ron Paul. Afterward, Paul posed backstage with the group. The person who snapped the photograph was with the website Daily Paul. The candidate was the doctor who delivered him.

"On three, say 'liberty,'" he said, as Paul smiled and flashed a Gig 'em.

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All in all I think the Local Media did a fine job of reporting, of the event prior and post. We are pretty receptive of Ron Paul down here, back in the 90's part of the Brazos Valley was actually in his district, so we have a familiarity with voting for Liberty ;)

Ill leave you with a couple of photos

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