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DP Delegates' reports

Dear DP delegates,
Share your story..here is mine.

I attended the precinct caucus held for Skamania County, WA. Paul supporters arrived early and with donuts. We clearly outnumbered the "others". First off, Paul wins the straw poll by over a 50% margin. Meanwhile, at my precinct table of only 5 people, 3 of us already knew we were Paul supporters and would be taking the majority of the 3 delegate slots alocated. Turns out the other 2 unknowns were Paul supporters as well. We took all 3 slots. Other Paul suppoters from adjacent precincts reported taking disproportionate delegate slots than the straw vote for their precinct would indicate. See the Paul folks understood the importance of getting elected to be a delegate and the others just cast their straw poll votes not fully aware of the rules and requirements of being a delegate. So my county should now go to Ron Paul if we all show up for the next delegate vote. The point here is that the MSM reports the straw poll results, but that is not a true reflection of the actual delegates elected. So it won't surprise me if RP does not take the most delegates from Washington state.

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Dakota County, MN Caucus Report

My county caucus had a fairly good turnout of Ron Paul supporters, but a slightly better turnout for Santorum. We took 10/36 delegate spots, and I was told that if we had 2 or 3 more delegates show up and vote our slate, we would have won a majority. Good news is that 8 out of the first 12 alternates support Ron Paul, and most of our competition just had their candidate bow out.

Personally I was elected to the #23 delegate spot, so I am hoping that a lot of santorum supporters fail to show up at the CD and State conventions so that I have a better chance of being seated as a delegate!

Nice job ...

Best wishes for continued success .... from the other side of the mountains.