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WND : Tennessee Ok's Creationism Theory In Classroom

WND : Tennessee Ok's Creationism Theory In Classroom

GOP governor cites 'misgivings' in refusal to sign bill

Reuters) – Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on Tuesday refused to sign a bill that would permit discussion of creationism in classrooms alongside the traditional evolutionary-based explanation of the origins of life, but allowed it to become law anyway.

The legislation, dubbed the “Monkey Bill” by critics, had sailed through the conservative-leaning state’s Republican-dominated legislature.

Haslam, a Republican, earlier had said he would sign the bill despite his misgivings about its impact on the state’s science curriculum. After a petition drive against the proposed legislation, he chose to let it become law without his signature.


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Couple things...

1) There should be no public education at all.

2) If there must be public education, then I'd say creationism should NOT be taught in a science course - it is not science. If people want it taught, have it taught in a theology course. As I see it, this isn't a religious freedom issue, or a separation of Church and State issue, it's an issue of good educational practices. You don't teach chemistry in a physics course, you don't teach French literature in an American history course - and you don't teach theology in a science course.

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