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Paul Supporters: Beware the Third Party Trap

"Say No To Third Party Efforts Doomed To Failure

* The party hacks and establishment media have consistently floated trial balloons and repeatedly questioned Ron Paul about will he make a third party run if he fails to secure the GOP nomination. They want him to run third party.

* This is because a third party effort and likely vote total will be small like all previous third party presidential candidates because Americans historically do not vote for third party candidates. Polling percentages usually start high and continually drop until election day.

* Second, this would validate their claim and propaganda message that Ron Paul supporters are not real Republicans and add credibility to their goal to push us out of the party as we are in fact rapidly taking over precinct by precinct and county by county. Over the next four years they fear our liberty forces may well take over some states and then the establishment leaders are out of their powerful influence peddling positions.

* A third party run is a trap promoted by the GOP neocon elites and their buddies in the establishment news to destroy the growing power of our movement and our threat to their neocon controlled Republican Party. The rules third parties are required to operate under were designed by the democrats and republicans to ensure their control over the one party state operating as a two party monopoly.

* Their rules require third parties to spend millions on ballot access and set up third parties as fertile ground for black flag operations, attractive to extremist views and rules are designed to cripple our credibility, fritter away our financial resources and support on useless repeated ballot access drives each election year and divide our movement. Right now the Libertarian Party is only on the ballot access in 27 states so you can see the difficulties they face.

They want Ron Paul and us out of the Republican Party. He has created hundreds of times more support, education success and made our views more prominent in the press than has the LP since inception. A third party action is a recipe for disaster and failure designed and crafted by the GOP to get us out of their party. We should stay and fight for our liberties inside the GOP as only here using their institutions designed to control us do we have the chance to be free once again.

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If Romney gets the nominee I won’t vote for him if Paul runs 3rd party I will vote for Paul if he doesn’t I don’t know what I will do, but I WILL NOT vote for Romney, and if that means Obama gets to be president again so be it.. the GOP has disenfranchised the Paul supporters and if Obama gets his 2nd term it will be a well deserved slap in their faces.

The GOP is too corrupt

In case you haven't notice they can make and change the rules. There are enough indies to make a run a punish the GOP. For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

The GOP is a rat nest

But it is our best chance of saving this country. The third party trap is a black hole.

They want us to go third party.

It is a trap that will drain our energy and get us nowhere. We have to double our efforts and somehow win the Republican nomination. It is our last chance. If this last chance fails, sure go for it. But don't expect much. If it comes to this, I hope I am wrong.

Don't be naive, we will not get anywhere near as much media attention as Ross Perot did. He was not an outsider the way that Dr. Paul is. We will not be in the debates. We will fall off the radar, and be a convenient scapegoat for another four years of Obama.

I support this article.

We can SAVE the Republican Party!

Imagine, in 20 years, if Republican debates centered around who was going to do the least and veto the most.

Imagine is right. The

Imagine is right. The comparison to past LP performance is not convincing. Things have changed radically since then. A more realistic comparison would be to Ventura and Perot (before he self-destructed). Please note that the author has no real fall-back strategy should Paul not get the nomination. If we don't support Romney, what do we do after August (that is we want to retain our GOP bonafides)?