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Ron Paul LIVE! at the Alamo on Thursday-plus Wednesday's Fort Worth Speech

We covered the speech here with Pics and reports from the field.good pics have been submitted by @ChonRM, DP user dfwrider and others to be thanked in this space

We shot video but couldn't stream...video now processing.

Will post Video HERE and at the WinLiberty YouTube Channel.

And, we have an exciting announcement to make about upcoming video which will be announced and linked Here on Daily Paul

Expect that announcement as early as later today; and subscribe to our newsletter AND our YouTube Channel to make sure you get it.

Here's a local news station interview with Ron Paul thank Puma for Life

Not a large crowd, by Ron Paul standards---another Blow-Out in comparison with the small gatherings to greet his opponents. My crew did a rough count and reported: "perhaps 1,500 and in no way past 2,000."

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Other people reporting from the event:
http://twitter.com/chonRM (who deserves special thanks, great pics)

Some other good current posts on Daily Paul and elsewhere

CSPAN airing replays of Ron Paul's Fort Worth Speech

AnCapMercenary has good stuff from Fort Worth-Full Speech Video

emalvini has links to tonight's Stossel show with Ron Paul-9pm EST

Video of Wednesday's Speech in Fort Worth/by Messiah Rice/DP User RiceNalec

Pt. 1 of 4

Pt. 2 of 4

Pt. 3 of 4

Pt. 4 of 4

Ron Paul in San Antonio, Texas

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how would he know?

this is ANOTHER lie directly from the campaign.

They've ruthlessly inflated the numbers at these things all along.

Why the lies?

Hunter pulled this number out of the crack in his rear end, as did whichever official campaign person(s) he's speaking to...he's another talentless hack on the campaign.

Anyone who'd make such assertions is talentless...works only for the paycheck and is loyal to that.

In coming out with these counts the campaign shows they've got some people in high places who don't mind lying...perhaps they figure it'll get them more checks down the road if they lie and please the man at the top.

I had 2 people there counting.

They told me what I've cited in the post and I'll stick to that.

This probably was smaller than any crowd we've seen yet.

It as a good crowd, a large crowd, a crowd much larger than any of Paul's opponents routinely draws.

It was NO WAY 3,000 and almost certainly not 2,000 and most likely around 1,500 tops.

reedr3v's picture

Thanks for keeping it real. No need to inflate.

the numbers are very good and growing, and it's important to keep the campaign reliable and reputable.

Ron Paul 4-12-12 San Antonio News Coverage


Local station, pre-speech, interview with a veteran for Paul.

Just returned from SA rally

Waited 2 hours got to be in second row. Great crowd and chants of "end the war"! Someone had the Don't Tread on Me flag rightnup front only a few blocks from the site of the Alamo. He was stationed in SA in the air force .

mountaincat's picture

Dr. Paul coming up on c-span

Ron Paul at Fort Worth coming up on c-span1 at 11:05 PM est.



Thanks Mountain kitty!

not to change the subject....

Hey, has everyone seen the new Rasmussen poll. Only Ron Paul edges out Obama!

Yeah, I read about that...

And real clear politics only shows that Obama and Romney are tied...

Nothing about Dr. Paul beating Obama..It figures...

Anyone with a live link to Stossel?

the links given are for past videos, not live show.

Stossel was on Hannity a few

Stossel was on Hannity a few nights ago and said he would be voting Dr. Paul...

Does ANYONE have a live feed for this event???

SOMEBODY must have a live feed for this event, no??? As Dr. Paul would say, "What's going on around here???"

Ron Paul 2012
The Champion of the Constitution

At the cross Jesus Christ defeated sin, death, hell, and the new world order.
C’mon boys, let’s take the plunder!

The twitter reports

are coming in. The Dr. has arrived and being introduced. No comments on the crowd size.

we've got pics on the WinLiberty page

We've got photos over on the WinLiberty page, in the SlideShow, and reports, Paul took the stage almost on the dot of 7 but there was prolonged cheering, he got into internet freedom, and that's what we've reported so far

here's a good photo..

just noticed you are posting his photos on your site; thanks.


LOL, just noticed I explained after you explained :)

He's a lifesaver for us right now, equipment problems, though I'm fairly certain we have some pretty good video coming later

New problems in my life if it requires encoding or something else I've never done :)

no pics

for some reasons i can never get the pics to load. its always just blank screen and some with captions but no actual pictures.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

i am having the same problem...frustrating

I see a blank white pic slideshow which wont scroll at all.
I am on mobile... Maybe this is why??
I dont have twitter acct but i know i have viewed photos from there in the past. But when i click, 90% of the time it tells me 403 access forbidden.

some slides don't have pics

The pics should be visible; as for slides without pics, the pics I got were oversized...and I couldn't easily add captions to any photo so I used blank slide with only comments to provide some captions


they are all blank... no pictures.. and i am not on my phone.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

here's the public link


That's the public link to it.

I can view it on Chrome and Firefox.

still blank

I dont know why. Perhaps Im using Internet Explorer? I needed to view in Full Screen for the slide show to run but still its all blank screen.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

found it - 7PM CST



May sound cool to say he's at the Alamo, but from what I remember this plaza is rather far away, not close walking distance and big streets separate it. I'd change it because if I was reading this I'd head over to the Alamo, then get lost.

that's what the maps are for

Ive got links to the maps there. Got a person in San Antonio who told me it's a couple blocks.

And, anyone in downtown will find it fairly difficult to not notice a crowd of thousands of people...

And, finally, anyone getting lost in San Antonio probably isn't smart enough to be able to fill out a voter registration card, so I don't care about them :)

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Well, I lived in SA for several years...and

have to admit that I NEVER went downtown without ending up going the wrong way on a one-way street! You must be fairly "cosmopolitan" because, even though I grew up in a smaller town, I've lived in several large cities in my lifetime, and I personally believe San Antonio could be a wee bit challenging for someone who doesn't know the city... And so, I shall end with a... D.U.H.

Susie 4 Liberty

thank you

no one ever has so charitably confused me as cosmopolitan. I cherish the notion.

The point of the discussion is my use of the word "ALAMO". That was a no-brainer. I also mentioned San Antonio and provided a Google Map.

San Antonio the city is less well known than "The Alamo"...it's the landmark there, like the Golden Gate Bridge is for San Francisco.

As for people getting lost or misdirected, there is no room for confusion, not given the short and very walkable distance from the Alamo to the square.

There quite simply is no challenge in finding one's way from the Alamo to the square.

right you are

About 4 blocks down Commerce St, hook a left and hello Alamo. Good time tonight. Doc looked very relaxed and spot on.

he did look happy

He looked happy in the photos, which were from when he first took the stage.

He's happy for all the support he gets, and obviously he's energized by it. Unlike him, I'm single, I'd be energized by the fact that whatever city I visited I was greeted by thousands of giddy, screaming coeds.