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Ron Paul - Events and Demands

I am going to try to post all events as I hear of them, on Ron's space on Eventful and hope you will too. This is for all states.


If you know of an event in NH where he could appear, add it to your DEMANDS for Ron. See if the city is already there and then add it. If it's already there and you can attend, VOTE for it.

Events so far for NH where Ron is concentrating:

Monday June 4th: Quinn & Cantara on WGIR 101.1FM airs from 7PM - 11 PM and I'm not sure what time Ron will appear. Not sure if they archive their shows either.

(The Daily Show which he would have taped earlier will be on at 11 PM ET)

Tuesday June 5th: NH Public Radio will interview Ron live at 9AM. They do archive their shows so you can get it later on their website at http://www.nhpr.org/node/13016.

Tuesday June 5th: Ron will be taping public access show in Manchester and I will get the audio archive and post it when done.

(The debate is 7-9 PM and rally which is posted on Eventful -- see new info about parking there!)

Demands for NH:

June 17 - Concord, NH - NHLA Dinner
June 21 - Bedford, NH - Republican Picnic
June 23 - Gilford, NH - Porcupine Festival at Gunstock - speakers day
July 7 - Contoocook, NH - CNHT Picnic/Straw Poll
August 18 - Dover, NH - Strafford County GOP Picnic
September 17 - Bedford, NH - Bedford GOP Breakfast
September 29 - OPEN!
October 6 - Bedford, NH - MRC's Octoberfest

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Ron Paul to Visit Google

Important event in July. Internet activity on Ron Paul helped create this opportunity. Kudos to the Ron Paul campaign staff. They are everywhere and doing a great job for all of us.