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IMPORTANT! Vote on what the campaign should focus on now. (From Doug Wead)

Ron Paul is a man of the people. He is glad to be part of the liberty movement and proud of what we all have achieved so far. But this is only the beginning. With Santorum out of the race, Ron Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead is now asking the liberty movement for its opinion on what Ron Paul should do now:



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how do you vote? I didn't see a poll...

Because they did such a good

Because they did such a good job of listening to our pleas for a foreign policy ad.

Options 1 & 6 Please!

Why can't Ron Paul shoot for both the Republican Nomination, and the Libertarian Nomination? Who says he can't be on multiple tickets??


It seems to me that Ron Paul has to remain in the race pushing hard all the way through November. I personally do not care about angering the GOP or watching the party go up in flames if they chose to reject the liberty candidate, the only conservative, and the only choice of the troops!

Let us not be shy, not back down, never pass an opportunity to spread our message and fight for the restoration of our republic.

3-4 tickets!

Interesting, I didn't realize that would be possible! I think if he did just the GOP and Libertarian tickets, there would be too much backlash from the GOP about him not being a real Republican. BUT if he did 3 or 4 tickets at the same time, it could very nicely underscore his populist, "liberty is for everyone" message, and of course "principle before party." It would be radical, but could possibly make a lot of impact as far denouncing the 2-party system.


And I believe that eroding the fallacy that a two party system a good or permanent piece of American politics should be a secondary goal of ours.

Don't attack, educate

People are turned off by 'attack ads' leave the name calling at the door and make sure you include Ron Paul speaking in the ad. The ads should be about Ron Paul as a great visionary, not Romney as a fake conservative. Just show Ron Paul talking at a rally in front of thousands of his fans. THAT should be the commercial. Leave the dramatic music out, keep the simple beautiful truth in.


The man and the message is what has inspired all of us to spend our money and time educating our selves and fighting the establishment.

We have what no other campaign has: an honest candidate and the message of liberty.

Forget the sparkles and bullsh*t for the next few months and focus on Ron Paul, tell his story, and why other political ideologies are inconsistent, dangerous, and uninspiring.

Santorum dropped out, not Ron Paul

So no need to change plans because the opponent dropped out. Go for the GOP nomination all out. Running third party is the second choice, but save that if he loses the nomination. Dont touch Gingrich with a ten foot pole someone else is holding across the street from you. Shut the media up about a Romney/Paul conspiracy by blasting the so called front runner.

Win! Win! Win!

When an opponent drops out of a race you run faster not give up.

I definitely think there is a

I definitely think there is a need to tap into the 'anti-Romney' sentiment, since far too many will just vote for Romney because of the chant 'Anybody but Obama'. Try attacking Romney while remaining relatively positive(don't want to end up with, what was it, '90% negative ad ratio' like Romney had in Florida, I think it was. That can be used as an attack in and of itself).

It's important to remember that, despite being shoved down our throats as the Establishment candidate, there are(were) still people voting for Santorum, Gingrich and Paul enough to amount to over 50-60% in many states. That's a lot of 'anti-Romney' mentality, ripe for the picking.

Of course, it depends on the state, and if people have been 'roused' enough by their candidate against Romney that they'll break from the party trend.

do a PBS fundraiser

do a PBS local funding campaign...have a Ron Paul hour or two either live or some of his recent speeches...sell Ron Paul swag stuff/DVD's/books etc which ron paul supporters will buy...free air time...PBS gets a cut of the proceeds from the Swag, you get a national audience commercial free..WIN/WIN

Find A Tampa Venue

How about a Ron Paul convention in Tanmpa that coincides with the GOP National Convention? Reserve seating at the front for all the Ron Paul national delegates once they've departed en mass from the Republican convention in protest.

Already posted...

Missed the previous one posted: http://www.dailypaul.com/225962/doug-wead-what-now-ron-paul-...

Maybe an admin can merge these to include the poll from ronpaul.com and have it front and center on the home page..

You Have to

Get the evangelical vote. Santorum left a vacuum there. Evangelists can't vote for a Mormon. They'll stay home.
Say something about Dr Paul being a christian who walks it and doesn't talk it with empty words. Show how he delivered babies.

Get the Tea Party vote, the women vote and the senior vote. Talk about how he will not cut social security 'cause that's what lots of people think will happen that he'll cut it off.

Paul won Virgin Islands and who knows what other states he really won, but he didn't get credit for it. Goldman Sach's controls the vote but hey, we fight to the finish line regardless.

Find some new dirt on Oromney. Put out the you tubes on TV of the people who lost their jobs due to company closure because of Oromney. This would be a biggie. Make it personal enough to hit home. Strategy is fine and dandy but the message has to hit home for people. All it takes is one single heartfelt issue to get another voter over to Paul's side. You have to have emotional appeal. I know. That's how I became a Paul supporter this year. Before that I believed the lies and sound bite meme about him.

1 supporter gets 6 people to vote for Paul who get 6 more each who get 6 more each and it grows exponentially.

Go after the disenfranchised obama voter. Get tham riled up over all the disappointment they have and get them to vote Paul.

Keepin' it real.

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I was thinking that too, since I had already

front paged the other one. I'll add the vote link to it as well.