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St. Charles, MO County Caucus - Wrap up

As all of you know we had a great night last night. I thought I would take a few minutes to give a quick overview of what happened and what we did to make it happen.

First, I want to let everyone know that without Bryce and Joe we would not have been successful. I don't want to appear to brag, but I think my role was pretty important too. Bryce and Joe did most of the coordination prior to the last caucus and Bryce and I spent many late nights in the weeks before the new caucus. Bryce put together a program for the GOTV effort that worked beautifully. If anyone is working on GOTV, contact me and I can help give you suggestions based on what we did.

The Rick Santorum supporters offered to buy dinner for anyone who attended the caucus to support him. After his announcement that was changed to light snacks.

The Mitt Romney supporters set up a pop up canopy outside of the convention center to talk to their supporters.

The Ron Paul supporters had a room inside across from the caucus room and the caucus registration where we checked in our people against our lists. We also had people there who were from outside of the county to watch Ron Paul supporters' kids while they were in the caucus.

The caucus started relatively on time, about 7:15pm.

After the establishment of some temporary committees the election of Chairman was conducted. There were a few over 900 people who were credentialed to participate. The nominees were myself and the GOP State Chairman David Cole. I won 480-402. There were some abstentions.

At this point I am pretty happy. I knew we had just won the day! We just had to get through the process fairly.

A Ron Paul supporter was elected as Secretary. I was willing to have our people vote for the woman from the Romney campaign who we had agreed to support at the previous caucus, but the person who had come in from the Romney national campaign never felt the need to talk to me, so we nominated our guy. They did end up nominating the woman who I was willing to work with but at that point it was too late and our person was elected as Secretary.

We then read the proposed rules that had been put together by a group of people representing each of the candidates and that had consensus agreement were fair. These rules were adopted without much effort.

It would take another couple of hours to get to the actual voting on the slates. There was a motion to recess which did not pass. When the recess was rejected there were some other stalling tactics used but I was erring on the side of being to permissive, and they were motions in proper order so I dealt with them properly, but I knew the were stalling for time.

There were three elections of slates that had to take place. There are two congressional districts that our county overlaps so there are separate slates for CD2 and CD3. There is also an election for the state delegates. The first to be voted on were the nominated delegates to the 2nd Congressional Convention.

The "Rick Santorum" slate was called Restore America Now. The "Ron Paul" slate was called the Constitutional Conservative Slate, and the "Mitt Romney" slate was called The Mitt Romney Slate. The rules stated that a slate had to be submitted in writing and have a majority vote to win. The Romney group tried to submit their slate by place placing their laptop on the table as their submission. I was not inclined to accept this as the rules stated "in writing". Romney supporters tried to argue they were in writing and should be accepted. I was going to put the issue to a vote of the body, but in the time it took to prepare for that the Romney people were able to print it out.

We held the vote for CD2 delegates and the Constitutional Conservative slate won with a majority.

For the 3rd Congressional slates the "Santorum" slate was withdrawn. After giving the Romney people more time again to try to complete a slate they finally put something together that met the criteria to be accepted. Again the Constitutional Conservative slate won.

The election of delegates to the State Convention was pretty easy. The Constitutional Conservative slate was the only one submitted that met the rules requirements. It won.

We wrapped up the last pieces of business pretty quickly. The meeting adjourned around 11pm.

We won all of the delegates and alternates from St. Charles county. 59 delegates and 59 alternates to CD2, 88 delegates and 88 alternates to CD3, and 147 delegates and 147 alternates to State.

At one point I did have to ask a Ron Paul supporter to leave the caucus. I felt very bad about it but I had to do it. It was an older gentleman in a wheelchair who would point a cane when he talked. He approached a microphone along with his attendant. He made a very heart felt speech saying that he was not a Republican but an Independent and that only Ron Paul would appeal to Independents. He mentioned voting for third parties in other recent elections. When asked to clarify that he was not Republican, he again stated he was not. The call to Convention/Caucus is clear that you must be Republican and I had no choice but to ask him to leave. I am not sure he really understood why he had to leave, but his attendant helped him out of the caucus and then returned to participate himself.

There were lots of things that happened that I did not mention, motions of various kinds to try to benefit people's causes, which is normal. A few that were angry that they did not know the rules and those who did were getting their way.

When it was all over I was literally swarmed by people from every campaign wanting to shake my hand and thank me for running a fair caucus.

We gained a lot of credibility and respect last night from people who had a warped perception of Ron Paul supporters. The Ron Paul supporters were respectful and well behaved. The ones attempting to slow the process and instigate bad will were from the other campaigns and everyone, even their supporters, saw that.

I feel the way I ran that caucus should be an example for how they all should be conducted. I am very pleased with everything that went on yesterday and everyone involved. Later tonight I plan to record a robo call thanking our supporters.

We can win more of these. The Show Me State has shown everyone how.

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A letter I have received from a Romney supporter

I just thought I would share a an email I received from a Mitt Romney supporter. I received a lot emails and messages from Ron Paul supporters, of course, but many from others as well. Here is one email that pretty much sums up what people have been sending to me.


Hi Brent:

Just a note to congratulate you on your win at the St Charles County Caucus on Tuesday, and to thank you for "how" you did it: fair and square. I was one of the people helping out. (I omitted how he was helping out in order to honor his anonymity since I did not ask him if I could post this) You ran a fair meeting and I appreciate how you went to lengths to clarify and explain things, such as the concept that the body of the caucus attendees were the primary authority at the meeting. A couple of times some who raised motions were combative, but you responded in a reasonable way and handled things appropriately, turning the tone back to neutral and respectful. Well done!

I am a Romney supporter, so the results were not exactly what I would have wished. But I respect how you and the Ron Paul supporters, and really most everyone at the caucus, conducted themselves. It was a completely different atmosphere than the 17 March episode. There was much more respect for the body of the caucus this time.

I am impressed at how organized the Ron Paul supporters were, and how passionate yet disciplined. You all really got the vote out, and you had your ducks all in a row. I even liked the speech that Bryce (not sure his last name) gave in describing your Constitutional Conservative slates of delegates. Excellent speech with awesome conservative principles enumerated. I felt like applauding after it, even though I was voting for the other slate.

If all Ron Paul supporters are like those who were at this caucus, I am pleased and thankful to have you all as fellow conservatives and members of the Republican Party, united in limiting Obama to a single term. I am looking forward to the rest of the primary season and the general election this year.

Congratulations again!

This is how we do it!

When we talk the talk and walk the walk, we gain new allies and converts to liberty. Again, thank you for doing it right.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Please Run For A State Level Office

Brent, you are a rare breed. I believe it is your calling to provide greater leadership than even this. Please look at running for a higher office in your state, perhaps even as a Congressman or Senator. I would recommend Congressman as it is less of a fight and I know you would have lots of people in your district do some canvassing for you. Ron Paul would be much more effective with people such as you working inside of Congress.

I hope others will agree that you should be drafted for such leadership.


Run Brent Run! :) :) :)

Peace Be Upon You and your family:)

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

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Congratulations ! Keep up the

Congratulations !

Keep up the good work !

Thank you Brent.

that was a terrific account of what went down and all the hard work you did to pull if off.

What you and the other RP supporters did is such a great example of how we need to conduct
ourselves at our conventions - no matter how hard it may be in the face of such contention.

Thank you.

Ron Paul is My President

Brent were you the person who was arrested?

I was wondering if charges were dropped or when do you have your court date?

metalhed19's picture

Yah, whatever happend to you

Yah, whatever happend to you and Kenny??

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

henry9's picture


This is extremely inspirational. We will be bringing this inspiration to the Maine state convention in three weeks.
Thanks again for showing us how it is done, Brent and MO.

Revolution On!

Hat's off to you all there in MO

You're an inspiration, thanks for taking your valuable time to learn and participate in the process.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


Just want to add my voice to those thanking you and those with in you Missouri for inspiring all of us working on getting delegates. You've been a large part of re-invigorating many of us. I hope we find ways to use your example and expertise as we press forward.

A big THANK YOU to all St. Charles caucus Paul supporters!

When is the state convention?

Keep the momentum going by taking this extraordinary organization to the final level and let's finish the deal. Get the slate cards organized and get everyone on the same page so the votes are focused on a predetermined list of delegates! Awesome Work but it's not done yet!

GREAT Job Brent!!!


Won ALL Delegates! Along with ALL Alt. Delegates!


By the way, if this weren't a private party function, by any measure:

"The Rick Santorum supporters offered to buy dinner for anyone who attended the caucus to support him. After his announcement that was changed to light snacks."
-- that would be criminal fraud & bribery.

That's so pathetic.

Even funnier to have them downgrade from dinner to LIGHT snacks: not even lunch, or drinks, but to bags of Cheetos, a permanently puffed-up plastic tablet container more fit to harness bad odor than pass for 'food.'

Hey, imagine that: RINOs offering plastic food!

How consistently fake of them! Okay, so you never said Cheetos, but I don't expect them offering anything other than GMO laced crapola.

Great Job Brent!

Sorry the statist moron mooks had ya arrested... for following the Rule of Law; hell if one didn't get arrested for exercising our own God given rights, it simply wouldn't be a post-PatriotAct/NDAA Amerika, now would it?

Thank you again for leading the charge and offering a model for R3VOL in other states to follow!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Hey - you need to slow your roll

I don't care if they are GMO laced or not - Cheetos are friggin awesome. Don't hate on Cheetos just because some crazy campaign happens to use them for "dinner". Cheetos are the victims here.

Thank you for important work

in the field.

1) Homework preparation made the difference.
2) "The Ron Paul supporters were respectful and well behaved." Finally many learned that calling others names and b[i]tching about Zionists wont get us anywhere.

Ron Paul supporters are always respectful and well behaved!

Sometimes people discuss things & disagree on this site, but we are a "family" and still stick together! When we go do the work for Paul's campaign...we stick together as well & always treat people with respect, even though we are rarely given it! We also put out true information, unlike what the media does. They do nothing but deceive people, distort the truth, and cause diversion. Oh yeah, they are just taking orders for a paycheck, regardless who they hurt.

Brent, not to overdramatize

Brent, not to overdramatize but there are times in history when people who are in the right place at the right time have an opportunity to step up and do something truly of consequence. Often we don't hear about those stories because said person was not up to the challenge.

You found yourself in such a privileged position and uniquely rose to the meet the challenge and the result is a nation-wide revolution is now looking to the actions you took in one county in one state.

You inspire us to keep up the fight. That is truly awesome.

Very nice!

I'm glad to hear it all went so well. It does kind of make all of the complaints over how badly behaved Ron Paul's supporters are seem a bit inane. But, I suppose that was to be expected?

One thing I'd love to know-- if anyone has the information; HOW many caucuses, in the US, have been re-done, for any reason other than the death of a candidate? I can't think of hearing, even once, of a re-do, and you all accomplished this. You should be very proud of yourselves!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Santorum slate

why was the Santorum slate called Restore America Now ?
isnt it Dr. Paul's slogan for quite some time ?
more Ron Pauling ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Santorum's (past) slate?

I thought Lil Ricky's slate was, "Restore the Future"? Yes, it made no sense, but I thought that was his "motto"? Anyone?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

My Guess

My guess is that they were trying to confuse Ron Paul supporters into thinking that it might be a pro-Ron Paul slate.


Thank you for providing a

fair and professional example for others to follow. We have many videos of how caucuses have been mismanaged but only a few of the well managed ones. I'm looking forward to watching(and linking to) the video of the 2nd St. Charles Caucus when it comes out as well as the digitally remastered version when it is rereleased. :-)


You can mentor others to do EXACTLY what you did. All I can say at this point is that your demonstrated expertise and your bravery and sacrifice is nearly unmatched at this point.

I look forward to hearing you speak at Tampa, ;-)

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Questions about legality/rules

The Rick Santorum supporters offered to buy dinner for anyone who attended the caucus to support him.

Is that legal? Is it "anything goes" legally because this is a GOP (private entity) function?

The Constitutional Conservative slate was the only one submitted that met the rules requirements.

I'm curious in what way the others failed to meet the rules requirements.

The ones attempting to slow the process and instigate bad will were from the other campaigns and everyone, even their supporters, saw that.

That won't stop the MSM from reporting "Ron Paul supporters were causing trouble again..."

My turn at bat here in Texas

saturday after next galveston county caucus.


Consider taking up a collection to bring Brent

to Texas. Better yet, the campaign ought to hire him for both his capabilities and for what he now represents to Paul supporters.

Keep up the fight.

Excellent Idea

They need to get this guy on board and attending training and advising Texas and California ASAP. Please send this idea to the PTB.