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"The Goldman Sachs candidates" - Shout it from the rooftops!

From now through Tampa, we need to be characterizing this race as it truly is, and our opponents as they truly are. Let's capitalize on one of he most glaring differences between Ron Paul and Obamney: monetary policy and fiscal transparency. They both draw campaign funding from the big banks, Ron doesn't. They both avoid even mentioning the Federal Reserve, Ron crusades against it. Neither one of them have a plan to balance the budget, Ron does. And who can hold a candle to Ron's transparency, with his nickel-and-dimed expense reports?

This is one way to power through the mental block that some people have when it comes to foreign policy. We're dealing with facts here, not hyperbole and what-ifs. If people can see that only one of the three - Ron Paul - can be trusted with their tax dollars, they will start coming our way in droves.

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Did someone call for the end of Goldman Sachs Obama......

Well, then howdy, here's the plan!!

The Tea Party searched for a real conservative to reign Obama in....seems he's been found.

Pass the rounds and praise be!

This will be the meme...

from now until Tampa. Make it so.


Goldman Sacs=Rmoney and Obamadontcare!