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I wish Ron Paul would explain THIS!

Dr. Paul is surpassing my expectations in terms of popularity in the rallies, but under-achieving my expectations in some states primaries. When he is doing a speech, especially with college kids, I really wish he would explain the part about only gold and silver being legal tender...Most kids don't want to change from the dollar bills, its cool to have stacks lol. But I really wish he would explain in depth his monetary policy so people know that he does not literally mean you would have to carry around gold and silver coins! He is getting the youth vote but to really capitalize he has to explain how his monetary policy will lower the price of gas and what he would do about the federal reserve currency if he had 4 years in office.

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He Wants The FREE Market To Decide What Type Of Money To Use.

Here is the Congressional bill he introduced:


There are also 15 states discussing honest money, with South Carolina the most recent state to pass an honest money bill:


As far as the federal reserve, would people choose to use money that depreciates constantly,{ current dollars } or money that keeps its value for a life time? {Silver/Gold }


To be honest, I dont think

To be honest, I dont think anyone thinks its "cool" to have cash over credit/debit cards... I dont think he needs to explain in his speech not so much what it means as much as showing a plan to convert back to commodity based currency. For example a savings account backed by commodities with an ATM card. When you deposit dollars you are "buying" the commodity. When you take money out, you are "selling" the commodity. Imagine the possibilities!

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"It's cool to have stacks"

Well, up to the point where they don't buy anything. A pocketful of silver will look cool too, plus you can jangle it about and pretend you are leprechauns or pirates.

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To be honest, I think a

To be honest, I think a monkey would choose the gold coin if put side by side next to a dollah..
You also can't melt the fiat dollar to make jewelry. Hey, do they really not know about silver certificate bills we used to have? Sheesh I just realized how long ago 1964 really was...

good point

+ 1.

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