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Dear Sarah Palin. Choose NOW! From Christian to Christian (hint, It's Ron Paul)

Dear Sarah Palin.

I am a Christian, like you. I have made mistakes in my life, I am sure you have too. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, I trust we agree. I believe God of Abraham is calling his children (The Remnants) who will do his will BY FAITH, I think we are still together. I LOVE ISRAEL and RON PAUL, and hear me out.

I will use our discussion, as a christian, the story of Ester to shine the light upon Doctor Ron Paul, I am sure you know it by heart including my fellow Jewish friends).

First I hope we can all agree that he is a man of Principle. A man of Moral Character, A man of freewill. (Remember people who did not understand freewill, called Jesus a drunkard. Also remember about freewill, God did not stop Cain from his evil ways, even though he warned him, he was the first Minority Report, but he warned him and still let him - Cain - make his own choice.

Back to Ester, she was now part of the Establishment (The King), even though she aligned herself with the TEA PARTY (The Oppressed). You and I both know Dr. Paul is the Godfather of the TEA party, that Rick Santorum hated this movement from the get go. That Newt was all for health care mandates when he was in power. We can stand, as Christians, with popularity or with what is true to our core beliefs. Popularity said crucify Christ and Save a murderer. Popularity said Alexandra was The Great, even though he was no better than Saddam Hussein.

People say Ron Paul foreign policy is wrong. But have you ever read the Bible and ask God's foreign policy? The Just War? Jesus took it up a notch, give another cheek. Yes the Establishment of the day hated it, they wanted wars. More health care mandates, and he wanted to hand out things for free, instead of using the Church (of the day) as a money grabbing machine. The Pastors of the day hated him as well. They were WRONG then as they are WRONG now.

Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE WHO SUPPORTED ISRAEL when is bombed Iraq nuclear sites. Think about it, The People of God, do they need America to protect them? God is on their side, you know the rest in the bible.

But here is the thing, you can do the right thing now, WITH YOUR MOVEMENT and support Ron Paul, or you can choose to be with the King (The Establishment), But deliverance and help will come from elsewhere.

I hope you will pull an Ester on this one and DO THE RIGHT THING (Something Spike Lee ought to think about)


Or you can be part of it.

The Choice, is yours. I PRAY for you, for God to give you more Wisdom.

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She'll crater and go Romney. Good god, man, she was McCain's running mate...she's on the dark side, IMHO.

I was on Obama's side last time around, look at me NOW.

People can change, so did I. I believe in us changing better than the government changing, what do you think?

If she throws her support

If she throws her support around Ron Paul now, she will open herself up to a respectable run for President in the future. Palin is the only other GOP representative that can rival Ron Paul and Obama when it comes to grassroots. I personally don't like her, I don't think she fully understands the intellectual revolution as she insists we just need to beat Obama. However I will take her support if she were to give it.

Remember freedom brings people together.

I don't have to like everybody, but if like Individual freedom, I am all for it.


Went to Dr. Paul's rally in Springfield. Sat by the girlfriend of a strip club owner. When I first sat down I thought her to be mentally off. Then after talking with her I figured she was stoned. There I was with my husband & 2 kids and she was talking about stripping! Then, there was a AF Veteran in front of us, some old folks behind us and lots and lots of all kinds of us liberty loving folks all around us.

Ron Paul says with liberty we will bear the consequenses of our own choices. So Liberty if for the individual and the individual must choose wisely what to do with his/her life. What may seem wise to me may not be to the next person. But what we want is the liberty to make our own mistakes as long as we don't hurt someone else. When we hurt someone else we infringe on their liberty and that is where govt comes in.

Living in Canada and jealous of your courage

The world is with you. We are watching whats going on. Everyone needs this, It's bigger than America.

Just as Doug Wead says....

..Its time to choose!!!

More liberals, Muslims all over the place and globalist fascists trying to stage handle the Middle East?

If that's what you want, Goldman Sachs-Obama is your man. He's proven it, as he will also collapse the dollar.

If you want out & to put Obama off to pasture, there's only one choice this season. Hail merry and pass the rounds.


I agree...

That's why we need to beat people at their game. The bible is full of freedom, so if one say she/he is Christian they have to endorse Ron Paul.