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Ron Paul and Assange - Truth Tellers both and the Evil they face

This a great article in Sydney today on the eve of final judgement for Assange's extradition to Sweden and on to the USA. His crime? Exposing the truth


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Assange is a hero imo. He has

Assange is a hero imo. He has risked everything to make known what the US government tries desperately to keep hidden from its potentially worst enemy-the American people.

He makes a strong contrast to the New York Times and particularly Bill Keller who bows before the US government and basically reports what government officals say uncritically. See Gleen Greenwald and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen for more information on how the western media has bascially become a mouthpiece for the government.

Yeah I'm not going to waste any breath on this faker.....

Assange is NO Ron Paul, he's basically as fake & plastic as Gingrich was when he first began in the GOP.

Newsflash: Julian Assange is a globalist in sheep's clothing, he is running as a fake conservative in order to pass increased taxes on the whole block. Assange= Liberal.

And why do liberals and the

And why do liberals and the obama party wa.t to hang him for exposi.g all their dirty laundry?

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

I wonder why Ron Paul

I wonder why Ron Paul supports him then