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TSA now checking bags on Boston's T

On my way to law school and as I come out of the Government Center stop on Boston's T, I see TSA agents flanked by Boston’s finest randomly checking bags outside the station. First the airports, then the highways and now the subway. America...

If they are still there after class I will try to get a photo.

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And in case you get caught

And in case you get caught photographing the police and get arrested and someone photographs the police arresting you THEY could be charged also:


But we're still the freest country in the world right?


Don't you know Big Brother loves us and wants us to be safe?


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Please be careful and do it

Please be careful and do it discreetly if you get a photo. You could wind up getting badly hurt photographing cops:


They tend to feel more comfortable

in the cities.
And so do rats and cockroaches.
They're all vermin.