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HD Video: The FULL Ron Paul Speech at Texas A & M University

Filmed by Matt Johnson and Taylor Stanley http://whoismatt.com
Produced by John P. Slevin http://www.winliberty.com
Your Host: Lonnie Brantley


More info & full discussion here on the Daily Paul Special thanks to John P. Slevin!

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San Antonio Media Contacts

Here are some of the local San Antonio news stations. Let's light 'em up with coverage requests for the march and rally at the Alamo.

Main Phone Number:
(210) 366-1129
News Desk:
(210) 442-6318

KENS 5 TV Main Switchboard: (210)366-5000
If you see breaking news, call the newsroom: (210)366-2002

The San Antonio Express-News
The main switchboard number is 210-250-3000.

Contact KSAT
If you would like to phone in a news tip call:
(210) 351-1269

Class of '85 and former editor of The Battalion...

I sure hope the current editor was able to snag an interview with Ron Paul. Goodness, how I would have loved that opportunity -- it would have been the scoop of a lifetime!

I listened to his speech at A&M and compared it to the one at UCLA (which I was lucky to attend!!), and I found it interesting that he did fine-tune the material to fit the more conservative, military school of Texas A&M. For example, he opened with the fact that he gets more donations from the military than the other candidates combined, and this statement was well-received at A&M. I felt he spoke much more about the futility of wars and the terrifying power the executive branch has in this area than he did at UCLA. I was thrilled that the audience seemed totally on board with that message!

I'm so happy that my fellow Aggies gave Ron Paul such an awesome reception.

Gig 'Em!


Draw Attention to the WagTheDogMedia Blackout
My next Tweet is:
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President Paul hits another Hole in One...

Got a lot from this talk. One of my major desires is to Dump the Democracy and Return to the Republic...

You see...Democracy is nothing more than a tyranny by the majority...only now with all the vote frauds which has crippled America, we have the Rich and Powerful, like Mitt Romney deciding the future of Our Beloved United States of Aamerica.

Let up please, please, please give as much as we can to the Money Bomb on the 15th...Love and gratitude and compassion to President Paul and All the supporters of our President.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

I literally got tears when I

I literally got tears when I heard Ron Paul say "Thank you!"

His voice is so comforting to me. Like a loving grandfather.

I love the good Doctor.

Sometimes I get discouraged for a couple weeks and I wont watch Ron Paul videos so frequently. When I start watching them again and catching up on old ones I am always glad I do!

Ron Paul, you don't know how inspiring you are to the American people!

:) When I get discouraged I watch MORE of his videos

they always bring up my spirits and remind me why I do what I do.

this man never fails

to get me misty eyed when he speaks. something about hearing the truth from a man without a shred of evil in his bones just moves me.

The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure. -Thomas Jefferson


It's naturel to get discouraged, but when we think being

Courageous, and think being fearless, we can bounce back pretty quick.

Also, turning off the MSM which is totally under the heavy hand of the kinngs, and queens, like those who are funding King Mitt and his Queen, we get discouraged because that is what they are told to do...that is ruin the support of Ron Paul...

Deleah and I simply refuse to allow ourselves to be influenced by those rougues who are anti Republic.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

One other thing!!

I meet quite a few Ron Paul supporters who had never read "The Law" by Frederic Bastiat at Texas A & M. I told them all that they could read it for free on line and it's only like 40 pages. If one types "The Law PDF" into a google search engine it is the first link. I can't recommend this book highly enough to people who haven't read it. During the debates Ron Paul was asked of all the books which book would he encourage people to read in order to understand his views better(I don't recall exactly how it was phrased), and he said, "The Law". The asked Gingrich this same question and he said, "the latest book which I just wrote"! LOL!!! Mind you Ron Paul has written like eight books and he didn't suggest one of them! JCM

Thanks for that reminder...

The only thing about the writing is that it is sometimes in old English style and some of the words---actually many of the words we had to look up the meaning.

Personally, I think that all government documents and stuff like what in in the bood The Law, ought to be written so a person with a 7th grade reading level can understand.

As it is now...they write laws that are so confusing...that is how they rule us with their crooked Lawyers with the fine print BS.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Spreading the message of liberty at Texas A & M

So I drove up to College Station early in the morning from Houston where I own a home now. I have seen Ron Paul Live many times around the country so I wasn't there to take a seat away from someone who has never had that experience. No I went there to make signs, field questions, talk to students, and get students out to the event. I did this all day, and I loved every minute of it! I meet some awesome other activists from my new city who are ready to do activism in Houston, I think a lot of people liked my sign that read, "I like Ron Paul except his foreign policy......I Like Jesus except about that part about loving your neighbor", I stayed out in the halls once Ron Paul's speech began so I could talk to people and see his speech on a TV they had in the hall. It was an awesome and totally delightful day for the cause of Liberty!! JCM

I took your picture!

That was awesome. Yes, you were there with another guy and I took your picture. Did you get it? I sent it to the other guy by phone.

Spreading the Message - Sign

Yes, we did like that sign. I'm old, so it reminded me of a line from the song "Eve of Destruction" which is '...hate your neighbor, but don't forget to say grace'. It was a great day and it's heartwarming to see this message only gaining momentum as candidates drop out and Romney searches for hook lines and tests the waters to determine which flip or flop he should employ next.


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Dr. Paul ON FIRE!!!!!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

The FDA approves pesticides

The FDA approves pesticides shown to cause cancer and similar in ingredients to Agent Orange for application to crops, the GMO crops engineered not to die under this assault are approved, and a million plus signature to the White House requesting a requirement for GMO foods to simply be labeled is dismissed out of hand. Meanwhile back on the farm the Feds descend upon farmers who sell fresh milk to their neighbors because they ask them to.

The power balance in this country is turned upside down. Politicians understand this and profit from it. Only Dr. Paul acknowledges it. A little common sense is a dangerous thing. Maybe we should call Dr. Paul 'Morpheus'.

WHOOP!! (It's an Aggie thing)

I drove 2.5 hours with a friend from the Austin/Luling area. (And it was a stunningly beautiful drive since the drought ended!)

We didn't expect to get there on time and were okay with the fact that we would not be seated in the auditorium.

I actually preferred the comfort of the lounge area outside the auditorium ... ease of access to water, watching and interacting with students and other attendees milling about and witnessing the responses from those of us who were "turned away" ... and just being there to show that the venue was "overflowing".

I was happy to be just a warm body who could listen to my congressman of many years as he whooped it up in Aggieland (and, boy howdy, how Aggieland has changed ... I even saw students, gasp, walking on the grass taking 'shortcuts'... (it's an Aggie CORPS thing))

The reception Dr. Paul received in College Station was awesome. Exactly what I expected.

I'll be attending the San Antonio luncheon with Dr. Paul today. Got my questions three and Sharpie at the ready.

Oh, and I maxed out my personal contribution limit for this election cycle two days ago.

It's about the assembling peaceably.

So I checked the Constitution. Turned Gaunt's Ring three times and wondered why.

First Amendment makes my point:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So we keep assembling are we petitioning? An Event could boast a petition signed that consents to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that strictly limits government and affords the people their full rights to liberty, to property and to privacy and sovereignty of the States.

Collected by District they could be forwarded to the local Representative.

"I can speak freely, the press can report freely, and we can assemble peaceably and petition Government."

The drafters added these liberties out of self-interest, not wanting to give up those rights. Lucky for posterity, that we have the same interests.

Free includes debt-free!


This was my first time to see Dr. Paul live. As an old folk, I'm so impressed with the young people who have been inspired to take it upon themselves to research things they won't be getting extra credit for in the classroom! This is the perfect affirmation of Ron Paul's belief in leading by example. He spoke. He made sense. Young folks listened, and what they didn't understand, they educated themselves about. He didn't push, prod, wheedle or cajole. He offered. Now a generation knows what Austrian economics are about, and our Constitution and REAL civil liberties, and the Federal Reserve versus a sound monetary system, and on and on. An awful lot of them have learned parliamentary procedure, too. They've been the front line in this fight and kept us buoyed up and believing. And I think all of us have learned the joy of learning, of waking up to hope and a big idea about the future of this country. Thanks, young 'uns.


SteveMT's picture

Is Romney coming to A & M, anytime soon?

Just wondering after this outpouring of support for Ron Paul that Romney will probably steer clear of this campus.

my favorite part

is around 0:34:35 !!!

Moving, Epic and Great !

We'd like to Thank Matt Johnson, Taylor Stanley and John P. Slevin for making this video possible. You've made this video for all the world to see to be informed, awaken and to finally see and hear the truth of President Ron Paul's message. We know that MSM will never cover this even the snippets on this event will never reach the cable news, Even the accuracy of their reporting have gone wild just to keep the lid of Ron Paul supporters from reaching critical threshold. Thank you for waking us up with Dr. Paul's message of Freedom, Liberty and Sound Money. Ron Paul is truly is a PRESIDENT and it's what is AMERICA is all about. If only we have 435 of this kind of thinking in congress.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

Where the campaign is at this time.

Where is Ron Paul?

This type of media production, the coverage of these rally events and SLOW, LONG, pan shots of the crowd is the KEY social media production needed at this time.

There is, in my humble opinion, NO media, (including billboards), that is more important at this STAGE in the campaign.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Great Video!!

Very Pro, great sound and video! Nicely done WhoIsMatt!!

Can't wait to see you all elect Ron Paul! Then RP can serve as an example of what a Peaceful Nation's leader should be.

I will have to settle to live vicariously through those of you fighting for your (all of OUR, really) freedom!

I often wonder; Do we really still live in times where leaders cannot sit and discuss their differences and come to some kind of peaceful consensus? Do we really need to keep wasting billions on creating stuff that makes people dead? How can we demonize a plant that has ZERO annual deaths since FOREVER and completely ignore it's medical and even industrial benefits? Even spiritual benefits, if you think about it. It doesn't make you lazy, you just realize that most of the s*** in your life isn't really that important. Do we keep letting our land get sucked dry for profit while other nations pay in blood for Oil? Or perhaps it's time for Free Energy devices and their patents to be declassified and stop pretending it was for reasons of "National Security"—more like Private Corporate Interests—and truly set ourselves free???

Seems that everyday that passes, the momentum for REAL CHANGE is picking up speed! The MSM is falling apart because people all over the world are getting their news online and even going out and creating it themselves, like we saw here. It's truly inspiring to see people getting creative and doing what they can to make a difference.

Like me. A Canadian letting you know he believes in freedom just like you.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Amazing speech. You can feel

Amazing speech. You can feel the energy of the crowd. Many brush-fires of liberty were lit last night!

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson

Circle jerk

We all love to see these videos of our man/hero. But how can we really make a difference? Let's all agree that the GOP is anti RP. They will never accept him.


The Libertarian convention is in early May and the leader position is surely available to Ron.

Best option. I think.

The Old GOP will be out

The Old GOP will be out numbered by the young and old supporters of Ron Paul (In their millions) and GOP cannot do anything except to accept their fate that the Old Party is over and the Big Dawg is taking over the brand spanking new GOP 2.0 to restore America.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

ytc's picture

WinLiberty.com is a keeper!

We are presently swamped with all the commitments at conventions & moneybombs at this moment, but I sure hope our Liberty Movement can support groups like your WinLiberty.com and see you grow & flourish and TOTALLY replace LSM (the mis-information propaganda factories).

LSM are worse than useless. They are outright dangerous for the well-being of the nation & world.

I started the Texas A&M meetup group (remotely) in 2007.

I only attended their first meeting in person at Jason's Deli, gave them some supplies and off they went.

They are a great, dedicated community group today that transcends the campus into the surrounding areas and population.

Give them all a hand!