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Pro Liberty candidate, consistently pro liberty... with one exception!

A woman should have the right and the responsibility to determine whether she will continue to carry a pregnancy to full term or not if her right to her own life is recognized and respected.

Otherwise she is not truly free and liberty does not apply to her. If she is to be coerced to remain pregnant against her own will she is effectively enslaved.

The audacity of religious people of any religion to impose their own ideas and understanding on others who may not share their world view is egregious. Some of you were raised to believe that a "soul" enters a fertilized ovum at the moment of conception. This is not proven nor provable, rather it is a matter of faith.

Faith is defined as a willingness to accept something as true for which there is no rational evidence.

In the absence of rational evidence, those of you who have been indoctrinated within your religion to believe that a microscopic cell which contains the genetic material to become a human being, is a person and has a right to its own life.

The crucial word there is "become." The fertilized ovum does have the potential to become a human being but it is just that, a potential human being, not an actual human being at that stage of embryonic development.

Grasp the distinction between a potential human being and an actual human being.

The pregnant woman is certainly an actual human being and she possesses the right to her own life and the right to her own freedom of action. If she wants to have a baby then she will do what she needs to do to nurture the embryo inside her. If she does not then she has the right to stop it before it becomes viable or is born.

Failure to make this distinction means that the claim to consistency in advocating for the liberty of every individual including pregnant women should be recognized.

I want to see Ron Paul elected. I do fear establishment of a theocracy in this once proud republic. I do not want to have my children and grandchildren raised in a society in which someone who does not respect individual freedom to use their own mind imposes their irrational, faith based theocracy on others.

No matter whether the theocracy is orthodox Judaism, fundamentalist Islam, orthodox Christianity or any other ideology which would hold the interests of the State, or the Common Good, or the Good of the Tribe, or the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, upon any of us.

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One of my heroes, Giordano Bruno

Once upon a time the Holy Roman Church ruled and instituted the Holy Roman Inquisition in order to deal with heresy and heretics.

One such was Giordano Bruno who was a clergyman and loved the church and wanted it to be right about everything. He had studied the Copernican Theory that the Earth was not the center of the solar system rather that the sun was the center, the heliocentric theory. Bruno confirmed this theory with his own observations, using his own judgment. He traveled around Europe and England teaching the Copernican theory.

The Church discovered this and had the Inquisition lure him back to Venice by offering to be his patron. Bruno returned and was imprisoned and tormented by the Inquisitors for eight years. Finally those who preached brotherly love, and still do, lashed him to a stake and offered to garrote him if he recanted.

Bruno said and I paraphrase, "I would rather live a spirited life than die a cowardly death!" He refused the offer and was burned alive by the religious Inquisition of the Church.

Such are those who indoctrinate your children with their mystical dogmas and demand adherence to their doctrines or threaten torture and death to infidels and heretics, meaning those who think for themselves and use their own judgment rather than submit to the mystics of faith.

Is it any wonder that men chose to use reason and abandon churches and promises of life after death as a temptation for the gullible and weak-minded?

But if all you have known is the teachings of some religion where should you turn for the truth?

Read For The New Intellectual by Ayn Rand and the rest of her works.

Read Christopher Hitchens God Is Not Great
Read Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
Read Ayn Rand's The Virtue of Selfishness and The Objectivist Newsletter and Atlas Shrugged
Read Isaac Asimov
Read Carl Sagan
Read Thomas Paine Common Sense and The Age of Reason
Read Henry Hazlitt
Read Fredrick Bastiat
Read Ludwig von Mises www.mises.org
Read Murray Rothbard
Read Stephen Jay Gould
Read Atheism: The Case Against God by George H. Smith
Read Nathaniel Branden Breaking Free etc

Question Authority and Check Your Premises

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.