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What do you think of a concentrated action to hurt/pressure the mass media

Obviously the Mass Media is blocking Ron Paul from a fair coverage and spins his message wherever they can.

Im thinking about sending emails to the marketing managers from companys who advertise in the msm with the marketing manager of the channel copied in.

Something like telling them that we will not buy their products anymore when the channel they advertise on doesnt report fair about Ron Paul.
Then attach maybe a video of the crowds.

I think a personal message would be better then a total mass email which might look like spam.

What do you think?
And please comment any idea you have!

This is just to gather some ideas. We might do another post to do a concentrated call to action.....(?!)

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The Media

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

The life of a business are ...

..the consumers. The media is the one responsible for disseminating the info that a product belonging to a particular business is in the market. We are the consumers and we can do two things:

1. Don't even bother tuning in on any medium run by the MSM. This decreases viewership (its happening now).

2. Buy alternate products that are not advertised by MSM.

This will work.

thats good but not enough to complete the task at hand ->

Send Ron Paul to the White House.

The mass media stations have still enough power to reach the majority of americans.

Why should I help the MSM's shareholders?

It they can't provide a product people want, then let them go out of business.

No big loss, as far as I am concerned.

Free includes debt-free!

in principle right but

consider that we have no unlimited amount of time in the race we are in and the msm is hurting us atm and wont go away until the nomination.

I think we already have some good amount of unbiased reporting in the local media. So enough base to change them in some way for the time beeing. If it yields one more appearence from RP in the media then it was already a success!

MSM is nothing but distraction.

How much time have we wasted on them when we should have been getting liberty candidates a shot at the congress, so the can help the next President restore the Constitution.

If each campaigner stumps for Dr. Paul and a Congressman, it is time better spent.

Free includes debt-free!

Even better idea, flood their advertisers with the real poll....

The thing is, we all know what the real polls say.
Flood their News Station & the advertisers.

Ron Paul beating Obama by more than 3

If we can wrestle Fox News away from the Democratic Party, and back into the hands of Conservative Republicans, they will finally report the polls for Ron Paul which show he's ahead.

At that point, all the other news channels will be *totally exposed* as official news propaganda for the Democratic Party who has tried to smear Paul.

This action alone, will in turn force a nation-wide debate!

All it takes is seizing one channel...

good idea

show them the polls + the crowd video and hint(!) for a boycott.

Cancel your

cable/satellite. Tell them why you're doing it, and let their lawyers and lobbyists deal with it.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Money Talks

The only thing they can understand.

Tag The Parent

I think it was the SC Debate when Dr. Paul made an offhand, and ignored, remark directed at Wolf Blitzer who had just disparaged “corporations”. Dr Paul said “...the media are corporations.” This is a vitally important point.

Rather than use Broadcast names, e.g. NBC, CNN, etc..., an effective strategy is to instead identify the parent corporation when referencing reportage. For example, “Did you watch Brian Williams tonight? Those shameless producers at Comcast/GE completely eliminated Congressman Paul from the polling results. ” Or, “Unbelievable, News Corp totally misrepresented what Dr. Paul said!” How about, “Time Warner has decided on their own Dr. Paul does not exist.”

NBC/MSNBC – Comcast/GE
FOX- News Corporation
CNN- Time Warner
CBS- CBS Corporation

In any case, these broadcasters (corporations) are only “mass media” because they are identified as such. Stop giving them power.

You really think you can change them

with email???

The media is the propaganda wing of the military-industrial-surveillance-prison complex. They exist to propagandize. You cannot stop them no matter what, the best you can do is ignore them completely.

yes you can

when it comes to their juicy advertisers!
A simple email to FOX is sure not enough(gets deleted automaticly)

I think it's mandatory.

And it can't be just "I won't watch TV for a weekend".

It needs to be full rejection of all the major news media, permanently, and forever.
They will NEVER be our friends, because they are owned and operated by the enemy.

A new media must grow up to compete and replace the old dinosaur propaganda organs.
We don't help ourselves by subscribing to them, or watching them, or referring to them.

I would also like to promote political campaigns which do not buy ads from the major media.
They reap billions of dollars in ad revenue from political campaigns every election year. By purchasing ad time from them, we are cutting our own throats and funding the enemy.

Shun the MSM

Find other ways to spread the truth of things.

Free includes debt-free!

media - that's whats in between

From now on WE THE PEOPLE who support Ron Paul are-- the --Main Stream Of Media ----to the community around each one of us. Between the citizens and the Liberty message/Ron Paul champion is us. Let's just accept that role completely.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

there is a Foxboycott website

there is a Foxboycott website which would probably be a good place to start. keep us updated... numerous people have posted something along this line but there hasn't been any central organization that I am aware of.


When do they do the total delegate count?

Is it before convention? If so, my plan is we all act like we are Romney supporters and go after them for not reporting how well Ron Paul was doing. Say we would have worked harder if we would have known. Why weren't you informing us by reporting the news?

They're doing a pretty fine

They're doing a pretty fine job of hurting themselves. Ratings are going down the drain. The whole entertainment industry is in uproar, across the board. Even the games industry, the goose with the golden eggs just 2 years ago, is stumbling.

Newspapers are dead, magazines not far behind. The music industry is in it's death throes. The movie industry has been in decline for years, and now tv is going the same route.

It may help to remind them that Ron Paul brings in a lot of viewers and that may help them to prolong their suffering a bit, haha.

I love cheerios but I will switch to buying oatmeal at my local

market cause your ads on Fox news are a turn off as Fox news never shows any coverage of Ron Paul while he draws every week thousands of people from all parts of society.

Or maybe straight "blackmail":
to: marketing@cheerios.com(no real addy ;) )
cc: marketing@foxnews.com

I love cheerios but as long as the channel you advertise on - Fox news - isnt showing anything of the most popular republican nominee Ron Paul I will boycott all your products.




cut off their money supply or

cut off their money supply or effect it it'll get their attention more than standing outside their building with signs. of course do it legally just talk to their advertisers and boycott their products that should do the trick..