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Hot Mic - "Fox Mole" shows Mitt Romney's Hannity Pre-Interview

You might not be up-to-date on the Gawker sites...especially since they HATE Ron Paul, but they hate the GOP in general, so they posted this.

It's nothing scandalous, but it shows just how in touch Romney is with the working class (you know, how you and your wife have to ride your custom horse nearly every day):


They also had the story of Romney putting in a car elevator for his California home. You know, if I had a few hundred million dollars, I'd probably do that too.

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This "mole" guy

sounds like an idiot. We don't have much money but my kids have horses and one is a registered quarter horse, the other kid rides dressage. There's nothing elitist about it. Where I live people go hungry to feed their horses.