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Concerning The Republican Race

Friends, we are nowhere close to being out of this race. Sometimes, the encouragers need encouraging, so keep your chins up and let's keep moving forward.

When I was a soldier, I learned that we never enter a fight thinking we are going to lose; to do so would bring about our own defeat without a shot being fired. With that being said, we will not give up. We are fighting a lot of "elitist" forces here: the establishment GOP, the Democrats, the mainstream media, and corporate interests. They fear Ron Paul and the Revolution because they can no longer be parasites on the American people. This election year we have the opportunity to make history.

If we continue fighting as hard as we can, it is guaranteed that our message will be written in the hearts of America. Most importantly, when the delegates are finally counted, all of the "elitist" forces mentioned above will be embarrassed before the American people. The citizens will demand accountability for those who mislead them:

The Mainstream Media will be embarrassed and their coverage will no longer be considered trustworthy.

The establishment GOP will be exposed for meddling in the political process and for repressing honest people.

The democrats will be discovered to be no different than the establishment GOP.

The corporate interests will be scattered as the American people discover how they control our "freely elected" politicians.

If America does not change course soon, we will be beyond the point of no return. Our path will be skewed so far off course, that we will not be able to return to our former greatness. We need drastic change quickly. If we don't change it this year, it is guaranteed that the children born on 9/11 will be fighting the wars started on the day of their birth. An entire generation of Americans will have lived with constant war and with no concept of personal liberties. They will never have known a time in which the government did not control every aspect of their lives through fear, lies, and manipulation. Once the 9/11 Generation have children, America as we remember it will have vanished. Ron Paul is special: he is old enough to remember when America was great but spry enough to spread the message and continue the fight.

Don't give up! My children, your children, and all present and future generations depend on your work and need your help. Not since World War II has America needed its citizens to mobilize and come together for such an important cause. You guys are the next "Greatest Generation". If you save our Republic, you will directly save the world and your generation will be revered in history.

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