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The sound of Liberty echoing through Louisiana.

Citizens of Louisiana that voted for Dr. Paul, the last true statesman, are very excited to see Santorum drop from the race. The majority supported Santorum during the primary here and did so, mostly believing he was the true conservative alternative to Romney. Even with all the talk and enthusiasm we liberty lovers fed to everyone we could never get through to them. Now they are realizing that Dr. Paul is our only hope to make the changes greatly needed in this country. Two Louisiana senators today, both representatives of the two highest populated regions in the state, endorsed Liberty today. I'm sure these are just the first few signs of a movement that is soon to take this country by storm. Everyone should be mailing their representatives and encouraging them to endorse liberty and freedom once again for this beautiful God blessed land of opportunity. Thank you fellow patriots for reading and please make the effort to spread the message of life and liberty, God speed!

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