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Ron Paul article needed

I have been in contact with the local newspapers in my area. The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Bucks County Courier Times. I am trying to get them to allow an article from me that would be for Ron Paul and how he is the best choice in Pennsylvania and not Romney. If I can get an article in a newspaper we would be able to get more people to maybe change there vote since it would be different then just you or I knocking on a door as a Ron Paul supporter. Also it might open peoples eyes to read something then a Ron Paul supporter just telling someone Ron is better if you catch my drift.

So what I am asking is if someone is willing to send me an article about why Ron Paul is better than Romney. I would do it my self, but writing is not my thing at all. So it would look very unprofessional to even try to pitch to the newspapers. If you can help that would be amazing.



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Ron Paul is the only candidate with the integrity, intelligence and political experience to be President of the United States. Ron Paul is not a politician, he is a Re-Founding Father.

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Not quite

Thank you for that, but I am looking for a whole article. Something that is like maybe two pages long. Something you would see in a front page newspaper. Still thank you for helping me.