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Life & Liberty March for Ron Paul - May 5 (Austin, TX)

*** Calling all Texas Ron Paul Supporters! ***

Y’all come on out to Austin, TX Saturday, May 5th, for the “Life & Liberty March For Ron Paul” 3 weeks before the Texas primaries on May 29th. Everything is bigger in Texas and we’ll have the biggest Texas march for Ron Paul all ’round!

We will show the nation how huge our support for Ron Paul really is even with all the media blackout of Dr. Paul. We will show our nation who we want to lead this country to peace, prosperity and freedom. Texas will march with our family, friends and neighbors for Ron Paul!

This will be in continuation of what Ron Paul supporters in Austin already do every 1st Saturday of every month by showing our support for Ron Paul in marching down the streets of Austin,TX chanting, bullhorning and carrying signs – rain or shine.

Supporters usually do a 2 hour march from the Texas State Capital starting at 11am down Congress Ave. to S. Congress Ave., (SoCo) a very popular and trendy strip in Austin, then head back to the Capital the same way we came.

Mark your calendars and come out to Austin to show your support for Ron Paul!

Email LifeAndLibertyMarch@gmail.com for questions or to volunteer for event. We mainly need help in getting the word out!

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