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Ron Paul's Education Creeps Into The DNR vs. Hog Farmers In Michigan Fiasco! Worth The Watch!

The Michigan authorities were going to take his hogs and he stood his ground. Its events like this that PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that the message is taking over. I doubt this guy knew anything about the truth and someone sent him an email about the naked truth! Its little things like this that put a big smile on my face. BIG KUDOS to whomever sent him the email!

You can listen from 6:20 on for the treat :D


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Yes...this is terrible!

People in the country sides of Michigan are quite upset! This is how they make their living! There haven't been any big wild bore problems in Michigan. And if there becomes one...the people can take care of that themselves! They do not need the nanny state to do that for them! Personal opinion, I think they just make deals with the big corporations so that they can have the profits for themselves. Government in bed with the corporations is how these idiotic laws happen in the first place. They both put money in each others pockets & screw the American people. They always make up some false story to give to the media, so that people will believe the "faultless gods" that speak through the "one-eyed-demon"(T.V.)!

The only thing hes doing

The only thing hes doing wrong is offering a much better product. Whats happening to him is the same exact thing thats happening to everyone else who offers a superior product. Its almost an exact science: If you offer a much better product that undercuts the establishment then you will be terrorized.

good to listen

at around 6:20 because at 6:17 he lets an air biscuit fly.

good to hear

they are standing their ground! thanks for the update!

What's Going On!!!

The government is closing down farms everywhere. Apparently, we can't own our land anymore. We know what's going on. Confiscation of property.

I feel really bad for you and what's happening to our farmers through out the U.S.. They're attacking unpasteurized milk and chicken farmer also.

It's sad that our politicans can't support our property rights.

Good Luck in your fight.